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CCS Client of the Year?

Published February 7, 2010 - 3 Comments

I was checking my voicemails on Friday, and there was one from a nice-sounding lady from CCS.  She said that her name was Josee, and that the comments on my exit interview from a few weeks ago had gotten some notice… and that they wanted to offer me something.

Really?  Cool.  Maybe it was a prepaid credit card!   A new car!    The keys to the vault!  I had to find out, so I called her back…

She told me that CCS President and CEO John Eisner read the comments that I wrote on my exit interview form, and thought that they were great.  Apparently they select a Client of the Year, and ask that person to come in and tell their story…  They were so impressed with mine that they were offering me the honour of Client of the Year.

Well, it wasn’t a car, but it was still nice to be noticed.  I’ve been a big fan of CCS ever since I managed to get over my pride and realized that I wasn’t going to dig myself out of debt based solely on my good looks and charm.  There just wasn’t enough of that to go around!  I can’t stress enough how helpful they were, and how I wish that I had gone to them sooner.  I even wrote a university paper on my experiences (got an ‘A’), and was asked to present that paper to my class.  I hope that anyone in debt trouble considers going to them, because I know first-hand how much better my life (and credit rating) is because of their program.

So it all sounded great.  Go in, tell my story, and walk out with a feeling of accomplishment.

“Oh, and just so you know” Josee continued, “we videotape the interview, and show it at our annual gathering, so everyone in the organization can see an example of how their work benefits our clients”

Ummmm… videotape?

Even over the phone, I’m sure that my blood pressure spiked…   I carefully considered how I was going to phrase my response…

“Well.. I’m a little surprised by all of this.. and honoured to be given the opportunity, but I’m going to have to respectfully decline the offer…”

I don’t think that she was expecting that.  Things had been going along so well.  So I explained further…

“I’m great at writing, and I think going in and talking to you would be fine… but sitting in front of a video camera… well that scares the shit out of me.. excuse my bluntness…  I’d be so uncomfortable that I don’t think you’d have anything that you’d even want to show to people…”

She said that she understood, and respected my position… and that she’d still like to take me up on my offer of writing my story, if I would agree to that.  By all means.  Not a problem.  I can hide behind my keyboard, and not have to worry about my hair being a mess.

Still, it was nice to be recognized…