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Bye-Bye Mon TV Fund…

Published June 24, 2009 - 2 Comments

I was doing so well!  Really, I was!  I don’t treat myself to anything big anymore.  Not since I decided to get my finances straightened out, and get my debt paid off as quickly as possible.  So this was going to be a huge accomplishment for me.  The sort of thing that is virtually unheard of. Yes, that’s right…  I’ve been quietly putting money aside for the better part of a year now to upgrade my current hand-me-down TV to something beautiful.  Something shiny.  Something flat.  A true work of art.  And I’d carefully nurtured that TV fund to the point where I’d been able to walk into FutureShop and stand confidently in front of the display models and proclaim that I would soon be back!  When the time was right.  When I could no longer hold off.  When the funds were screaming to be released.  32″… 37″… 42″… 46″… LCD… Plasma… the possibilities were endless… well, within the limited confines of my cash-only policy, that is!  It would be a glorious day indeed.

And then the battery light appeared on my dashboard.


Cursed the gods of ill chance!  I swear that I want to push this car off the nearest cliff some days. 

The odd thing is that I had been praising the car recently.  After the money that I had dumped into it at Christmas, it appeared to be working quite well.  Oh sure, this month the MVI was due, and that was going to cost me a little.  After 7 years the car was beginning to show its age.  It was expected that things would start to wear out. 

But that damn light meant something else.  Something not good.

“It’s your alternator”, she told me cheerily. 

Of course it was.

“It’s $400+ and we don’t have any in stock at the moment”   I’ve forgotten the exact price.  I think that I went into some form of arrest as soon as I heard the amount.  I actually swore over the phone. 

“But we can also get one from somewhere else, at a better price”

I started to calm down a little.  It was still going to cost me.  And then they needed to install it, of course.  That would take some time.  And time is money.  But what choice did I have?

“Go ahead and fix it”

After hanging up, I looked at my account balance for my TV fund.  I wrote the number on a pad of paper that I was using for other things.  A few hours later, she called back with the total.  I wrote that number directly underneath the first number.  They were nearly identical.  The top one was larger by about $20.  It was uncanny, actually.


Bye-Bye Mon TV Fund.

My gas tank was on empty, so I threw the remaining $20 in there.

Current balance:  $0.00. 

Yeah, I know.. it’s just a TV…