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Burn, Baby Burn!

Published December 4, 2009 - 2 Comments

So I came inside tonight and decided to heat up some water on the stove for a hot chocolate. I have a kettle, but it’s a little big, and I figured that I’d do things the old fashioned way. I turned the burner to high, and then proceeded to the bathroom while it heated up.

The first thing I noticed was a weird bubbling sound coming from the kitchen, followed by a loud popping noise. The cat freaked out, and I honestly thought that someone had come into the house. I quickly ran into the kitchen and found that I had turned the wrong burner on, and a crock pot had semi-exploded, with its contents falling into the burner and catching on fire.


I quickly turned off the burner, but I couldn’t easily move the crock pot because it had completely separated, and when I tried to move it, more of my lunch came spilling out, feeding the flame.


Then the smoke detector went off. 30 seconds later the alarm company was challenging me over the speaker.

This was getting better and better.

I managed to convince the voice that everything was under control. Just a cooking mishap. Don’t send the fire department. I scooped up the shattered crock pot, and got it outside onto the porch. I opened the windows, and ran upstairs to get a fan.

The smoke detector started going off again, followed by a woman’s voice this time. Again she challenged me.

“You people just called here!” I said, ignoring the challenge.

“The alarm is going to keep going off if you don’t get the smoke out, sir”. Then she hung up. Good thing too, because I was a little frustrated.

“No shit! I have the windows opened, and a fan blowing… it’s not like I can push the smoke out!” But she was already gone.

Two valuable lessons we learned here…

1. Learn to read. “front” and “rear” are clearly indicated on the burners.
2. Don’t leave the stove unattended, even to boil water.

What a mess!