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Published October 6, 2009 - 1 Comment

I discovered a new show recently.  Brotherhood. One of the guys at work mentioned it to me, so I went looking for it.  I’ve only watched the first 5 episodes, but so far it’s very good. 

It’s an HBO show, centred around a couple of Irish brothers in Rhode Island.  One is a state representative.  The other is a local gangster.  Because it’s HBO, the show is a little more realistic than some of the shows on other networks.  There’s fair amount of violence, but nothing too over the top.

Brotherhood was on the air from 2006-2008, which is pretty typical of most of the HBO shows that I’ve liked (Deadwood was 3 seasons, Rome was only 2).  I don’t know if it never caught on, or if they just decided that enough was enough, but 3 seasons was it. 

In this era of crappy reality TV and cheap clones of mediocre shows, it’s nice to find a diamond in the rough from time to time.  Brotherhood is worth the wait.