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BNL – You Run Away

Published April 6, 2010 - 2 Comments

You Run Away is the first post-Steven Page release from Barenaked Ladies, and I have to say… I really like it!  I’m not a huge fan of the video that they shot for it, but that’s fine.  The song more than makes up for that.

I’m a little surprised that I haven’t heard this on the radio here.  I know that I don’t listen to the radio as much as I used to, but I still turn it on often enough to get a feel for what’s being played locally.  It must be playing on one of the local stations.  I just haven’t heard it come on while I’ve been driving.

When Page left the group last year I was one of those people who immediately considered that announcement to be the death of one of my favourite bands.  How could they carry on without Page?  What would If I Had $1,000,000 sound like without him?

Then I slowly came to the realization that Ed Robertson had a much more prominent role in most of the songs that I enjoyed, than I had originally thought.  One of my co-workers recently said “They shouldn’t even record under that name!  It’s not them anymore!”  Absolutely not true!  When you start listening to some of the songs after Gordon you hear Robertson playing front man on more of them than you probably realize.  Sure, Page is always there, and I’m going to miss their two voices blending together (especially for $1,000,000!) but really… it’s not as big of a change as you probably think.

When I listened to this song the first couple of times, I completely missed the point of it.  I knew that I liked it.  I knew that it was about a failed relationship.  But I completely missed the fact that it’s directed toward Page.  (Officially, I think they’re denying this, but… )  He’s supposedly not very happy with the song, and well… get over it.  It’s just a song.  Come out with something better.

Listening to If I Had $1,000,000 right now… no matter what they put out, that song will always be the pinnacle Barenaked Ladies experience for me…  Many memories tied to that song… many hazy, blurry, foggy memories…  Thankfully back before the days of camera phones!

But that’s another set of stories.

Enjoy the video for You Run Away.

<video removed by YouTube…  boooo>