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Blogging Ain’t Therapy (repost)

Published August 19, 2010 - 0 Comments
[Originally posted May 6, 2009]

But I suppose that it might help a little bit.  Even if just a tad.  I took my little break.  I don’t really feel 100% yet, but I suppose that I should keep writing SOMETHING before I lose all interest in it completely.

I have received marks in 2 of 3 courses so far.  An “A-” in my Business Law class, which is consistent with the two “A”-s that I received on my midterms.  And a full “A” in my Competitive Strategy course.  It’s the first “A” that I’ve ever received, and I’m still a little mind-boggled by it, considering I did not receive an “A” on the midterm.  Sure, both my papers were “A”s, but I still don’t know how the math added up to a course mark of “A”.  But I’ll take it!

My cellphone rang the other day, and it was the university calling to see if I would be attending the graduation ceremonies.  Umm.. no, thank you.  After 19 years of tackling this monster off and on, I’m just happy to be done.  I don’t need to stand infront of everyone and receive my diploma.  I’ll pick it up at the office, thanks.

I’m still waiting for my last mark.  English.  I had a “B” on my first paper, and I still haven’t seen marks posted for the second paper, so I have no idea what I have in that course.  I’m confident that I’m in no danger of failing it, but I’ll be happier when the mark is finally posted.

And that will be that!  I can scratch “Finish Business degree” off my Steve 2.0 list, and then move onto the next project.  Not entirely sure what it’s going to be yet, but I’m sure that it won’t take 19 years to complete!

[My final mark for English was an A-, so I completed my degree in fine form.  My diploma still sits in an envelope on a shelf.  Every time I think that I want to frame it, something else comes along.  One of these days… maybe…]