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Bloggers! How Committed Are You to Your Blog?

Published April 21, 2011 - 11 Comments

I was recently reading a blog about, of all things, stitching.  It’s not normally the kind of topic that you’d associate with me, but there is a bit of a personal connection with the author of the blog, so I like to check back periodically and admire the work posted there.  Well, this blogger recently announced a major milestone on the blog:  the 300th post!

It’s taken 5 years to reach 300 posts, with periodic lulls in activity during that time.  For me it’s less about the 300 posts, and more about the 5 years.  This blog, WhatAboutStephen has been in existence 2.5 years.  That’s a lifetime in blog-years!  (Haha.. I like the sound of that.. blog-years)  Even still, that’s only half the time that the stitching blog has been in existence.  It’s hard to imagine what WaS will look like in 5 years.  I’m sure that the other blogger had no clue that their blog would still be active after 5 years.  Not only active, but I’d say that it attracts a pretty loyal group of fellow stitching bloggers.

How many times have I gone to a blog that has no new content on it in weeks, months, or even years?  How many of my own blogs are rotting in the virtual graveyard even now?  It’s so hard to maintain the creative passion on a consistent basis.  There are days when I wonder whether I still want to write here.  I imagine that every single blogger goes through that from time to time. Too many succumb to those feelings.  So when I see that a small stitching blog has reached a significant milestone such as its 300th post, it gives me a little more energy to invest in my own blogs.  And that’s really what it is… an investment.

How committed are you to the success of your blog?