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Published September 11, 2010 - 0 Comments

I’ve been working with a new WordPress plugin lately, and one of the interesting things that it did was list all the blog titles in order of posting.  I started to read through the list… There are some great titles there!  There are also some pretty stupid ones too, but hey… you take the good with the bad.

I’ve always enjoyed “naming” things… whether it was my AD&D characters… my VGAP ships… or my email posts… I would put an unusual amount of thought into many of them.  So it’s not really any different with the blog posts.  Truth be told, there are blogs sitting in draft status that are nothing more than titles… they need to be flushed out with a post, but something made me think of them, and I didn’t want to lose the creative seed.

Anyway, here is the list of posts… Would be more useful if you could actually click on each one and have it take you to the post, but this isn’t about the posts… it’s about the titles!

A New Look… For a New Beginning…
It’s Official… 19 Years in the Making…
Oooh… It’s So Pretty…
Bye Bye, Mon Cowboy!
Shut Up and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!
The Snowglobe…
Beautiful Sunrise
SPAM Comments?? Oh No…
Finally! We’ve got a Series…
Would You Like to Buy Me a Hot Chocolate?
These Penguins Ain’t Waddlin’
Mr Plumber 101
Supermarket Madness
Beware the Great Bear
U-Haul? U-Suck!
Holy Sh*t… This is Food??
Happy Birthday
Steve’s Panini Palace
Failure is Feedback
The Angel of my Nightmare
333 Is The Magic Number
Widgets, Smidgets, Plugins, Yuggins…
Bye-Bye Mon TV Fund…
Jon and Kate… Who Cares???
When They Come A Tappin’ …
Gas Prices Went DOWN??
Whoa… Livin’ on a Prayer…
(You Want To) Make a Memory
Oh Sweet Papa John’s… How I Missed You So
Oh, Canada!
Greyhound Online Auction Fundraiser
What Ever Happened to Simply Stacey?
Welcome to the Age of the Terabyte
Squab? What the Hell is Squab???
See You When You Get There
It’s a Cruel, Cruel Summer
Lake of Dreams
CPAP Update
iPod Woes…
Jesus Google, What More Do You Want From Me?
Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh
Blogging on the Road… Stanley Bridge, PEI
Transformers 2 – Wow… Never Thought That I’d Like it so Little
Everything’s Alright… at the Starlite…
When the Left Hand Doesn’t Talk to the Right Hand
Greyhound Fundraiser: Tickets on a Brand New Laptop! $5 each or $12 for 3
Welcome to the First Day of Vacation!
300 – Spartans Unite!
Boo! :o)
Sandspit… Fun Fun Fun… and soaked!
Oh Twitter, Where Art Thou?
Crash! Boom! Bang!
When Life Kicks You in the Balls
The Wonderful World of Bacon (mmmmmm… bacon…)
Sirius Stock Advice: SIRI
Just Write!
Inspired By the Music
Jeanine Wins So You Think You Can Dance USA
Super Size Me
Movie Night! GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra
In Search of that Elusive First Dollar
Search Results
Who Makes the Best French Fries?
Don’t Forget the Airmiles Toolbar
The Joys of iTunes, Or, How I Purchased my First Song
So You Think You Can Dance, Saint John?
Add a Little Voodoo to your Kitchen…
Celebrity Commenter
3am Eternal
Gaining Momentum
Hot and Cold
And The Winner Is…
A Hi-Def Zune? Cool!
When is it Long Distance with a Cell Phone?
Driving Mad
So You Think You Can Dance, Montréal and Edmonton?
Bring on the Fat!
The Votes Are In…
Goodbye World!
Avatar Trailer online
Quick! Everyone Hide in the Storm Cellar! Wild Bill’s Comin’ to Town!
Anyone Using Google Chrome?
Awesome Kirk
SYTYCD Canada Top 20 Revealed
Adding Ads = Yucky
Drago The Bakugan
Back in the High Life Again
City of Angels
Boys Night Out
The Main Deck
Tylenol vs Advil
The 100th Comment!
So You Think You Can Dance Canada Top 18
GoodLife Fitness Buys out Nubody’s?
SYTYCD Canada Top 18 Results
RBC TFSA 0.75%? Wow… Go Wild!
What’s on Stephen’s iPod? Top 25 Aug 09
How To Save A Life
Top 10 Least Trusted Professions
AirMiles Toolbar Cracks Down
Back to Skule…
It Ain’t Easy Goin’ Green
09/09/09 Is it the End of the World?
So You Think You Can Dance… Top 16
SYTYCD Top 16 Results
New iPods? Oh Goodie!
Coke is It!
The Name’s Bonded… James Bonded…
The Writing Zone
Twitter Adds Voice Calling
So You Think You Can Dance Canada – Top 14
Summer Officially Comes to a Close
3 Little Red Roses…
Banking Fees are Getting a Tad Ridiculous
Telemarketer Madness!
$47 In My Pocket
Old Man Winter.. How I Despise Thee…
So You Think You Can Dance Canada – Top 12
Is Municipal Wi-Fi Dead?
AdSense vs AdBrite
Ode to Friendship
Harper Visits Saint John…
Celebrity Squirrel
Putting the “Max” Back Into PC Computing
So You Think You Can Dance comes to Saint John Yet Again?
SYTYCD Canada Top 10
What’s on Your iPod?
Leafs, This is Our Year!
What an Odd Sound…
Starfrit MagiCan – The Last Can Opener You Will Ever Buy!
Monkeys in Mustard
New Survey Finds 77% of Canadians Read the Newspaper… Yeah Right!
The Search is on For a New Phone
Autumn is such a Nice Time of the Year
Update on Telemarketer Madness
OMG… The CatGenie? I Need one of These!
Radio Wars: K100 vs The Wave
Brrrrrrr… Remind Me Again Why I Left California 10 Years Ago?
Zombieland: Rule #2… Double Tap!
Happy Thanksgiving
Kontera vs AdBrite
Just One of Those Days…
McDonalds Monopoly Game Sucks Again
The Office… Jim and Pam
Maple Leafs.. Welcome to the Basement
Thought For The Day
Canada’s Favourite Dancer
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
iPhone First Impressions
Til Debt Do Us Part
200 km/h? Really? My Car Can Go 200?
What’s On YOUR iPod Playlist?
The Luckiest Squirrel Alive
Destination Nowhere
A Little Known Fact…
Tell Me Why.. I Don’t Like Mondays!?
Prostate? What the Hell is a Prostate?
Amazon’s Kindle e-Book Reader Now Available in Canada
Tis the Season
Email Vehicle Registration Reminder
Taste Tested the A&W Sirloin “Uncle” Burger
Something to Remember…
Is Twitter Really Useful? (Or is it Simply a Seductive Time-Waster?)
Go On.. Try to Take the Chicken From the Kitty…
Box Cars? Wind Me Up Before You Go-Go!
An Old Flame
Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends!
President’s Choice Children’s Charity Bear, Cameron!
Adventures in Retail Hell
I Want My Life Back, Beth Cooper!
Christmas Theme
So You Think You Can Dance – Top 10
O Christmas Tree
Welcome to December… What am I Listening to Now?
Personal Urns? More Than a Pretty Face
Your Guardian Angel
Nature Park
Burn, Baby Burn!
Old Man Winter Returns
Sunshine and Ravioli
Are Yankee Candles Really That Much Better?
Pizza Hut’s WingStreet Wings… Yuck!
Missing the Good Ole Days…
The One Golden Rule as Christmas Approaches…
It’s a Netbook Christmas
Christmas Update
Most Annoying Word
Dear Lisa…
Blog Stats – Cameron Bear is Still the Most Popular!
The 200th Post
The Hurt Locker
Playing Around with Seesmic (Twitter client)
To iPhone or not to iPhone?
So You Think You Can Dance Canada Tour in Saint John Last Night
Good Ole AVG Anti-Virus
Merry Christmas… 2009
Christmas 2009 Winds Down…
Happy Boxing Day!
Movie Time: Brothers
Freudian Slip… Batteries Do Not Come in size DD…
Hey Look…
2009… A Look Back at What Was…
2010… A Look Ahead…
Top 10 Searches for 2009
The Goods… Not So Good..
Sudoku Scam
The Curious Case of the Crummy Christmas Crackers
(Somewhat) Interesting Search Terms for 2009
Grammar Snobs Unite! (10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling)
Are New Year’s Resolutions a Waste of Time?
Gives You Hell?
Christmas Tree – Update
So You Think You Can Dance, UK!
Days are Getting a Little Longer…
Today’s New Word – Cystoscopy
How Many Faces Can You Find?
Welcome to Wacky Wednesday: Blogging Blitz
So You Think You Can Dance, UK – Week 1
No Coke For You!
Everyday I Write The Book
Bueller… Bueller… What? A New Ferris Bueller Movie?
Running Out Of Steam…
Step By Step
Credit Counseling Services of Atlantic Canada
Ying & Yang
Pleasant Surprise
2009 Word of the Year?
Oh Twitter, Where Art Thou? (Part Deux)
When It Rains, It Pours
With or Without You
These Earbuds are Junk
Best $20 I’ve Ever Spent
Looking for Answers with my Dynex 40″ LCD TV (DX-L40-10A)
New Brunswick Gets a Mention on TMZ.com?
Cystoscopy 101
TV Update: Dynex 40″ LCD
Movie Time: Extraordinary Measures
Another One Bites the Dust
Finding Nano…
I Think I Can… I Think I Can…
Damn You, Shubenacadie Sam!
So You Think You Can Dance UK: Week 4
iPad? Really? Is That The Best You Could Do, Apple?
Jon Stewart on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor
CCS Client of the Year?
Movie Time: The Book of Eli
2 Is Better Than 1(00)
Olympic Fever… Hockey!
Valentine’s Day Poll
My Love Affair With Apple iTunes
Olympic Night
Happy Valentine’s Day
Olympic Thoughts – Day 3
Avatar: Well, that was Fun.
Greyhound Exercises on Snow Track
A Funny For Today
Christmas Day – One Little Child
Changes? I’ll Believe it when I see it…
Looking to Watch a Music Video Online? Welcome to Vevo!
Sirius Stock Price Tops $1
Annoying CNN Embedded Video
Shades of Turin? Oh no…
What A Difference 7 Years Makes
Bring on the Russians
Law Abiding Citizen? Ha! Hardly…
Here I Go Again… I Got You
Shoppers Drug Mart cuts off Blue Cross
Baby Halpert
Shoppers Drug Mart vs Blue Cross
Adventures in Retail Hell: KFC
And the Oscar Goes to…
One Headlight
The Fall of Sanstrious!
I Can’t Breathe!
Bottle Mountain
Check Your Credit. Check it Once. Check it Twice.
Somewhere Only We Know
It’s Friday Night! Now What?
Spring Ahead – Time Changes Tonight!
iTunes Upgrades to DRM-Free Music Videos
I Rolled Up The Rim… and Won!!
Nothing Else Matters
It’s Tax Time Again!
Future Shop, You Suck.
What’s Wrong With Healthcare for Everyone?
The Script – Breakeven
Google Street View Comes to Town
CCS Client of the Year Photoshoot
Young Artists for Haiti – Wavin’ Flag
It’s Just a Blog
The Unfriendly Giant
3D TV… Does Anyone Really Care?
The Big 5-0
Apple iPad – Revolutionary or an iFad?
BNL – You Run Away
Introducing my New BFF… My Treadmill
Eyes Wide Shut
Focus on the Little Things
Oh, What a Night!
Turning Point – The Scorpius Campaign
Is the Desktop Computer Dead?
Forgotten Treasures
Who is Your Audience?
It’s Playoff Time!
Twitter Serves Up Advertising
Hedley – Perfect
Holy Attack of the Bots!
WaS Goes Mobile!
Change of Address
The Babble of Scrabble
Taxes – Update
Goodbye Telemarketer Scum
CCS Client of the Year Award Today
These Boots Were Made For Walkin’
– reboot –
Day 1
There’s an App For That!
Who’s Cyndi Lauper?
Domain Renewal Time? Oops!
Blip Me, Baby
A Little Housecleaning is in Order
Taio Cruz – Break Your Heart
Kartoen.be (A rare gem in a pile of useless distraction)
Smashing Pumpkins… err iPhones…
Down With Webster – Your Man
Back to the Grind
Chickpea? What the Hell is a Chickpea???
Welcome to June
Perez Hilton Invades 97.3 The Wave… *gag*
New Page – The One Month Healthy Living Challenge
Scotia Bank Records Record Profits! *phew*
How Many Biebers Can You Take in a Fight?
One Month “Healthy Living” Challenge
HLC – Day 2
HLC – Day 1
HLC – Day 3
Car Wars – The Search for a New Ride
Coke Attack!
HLC – Days 4 & 5
HLC – Day 6
HLC – Day 7
No More HLC
The Script – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
Friendly Sheeba
The Unfriendly Giant Visited Me Last Night!
What Happens in Vegas, Stays in.. Wait a Moment! This Ain’t Vegas!
Not as Stupid as I Look!
Facebook vs The Last Man Standing
Do Online Dating Sites Really Work?
It’s Official – June 15th is Busiest Day on WaS.com!
Movie Time! Iron Man 2
If You Have to Sit Through an Advertisment at a Movie… Might as Well be a Good One!
Changes to the Blog – WordPress 3.0 And Beyond
Contact Form
The Mid-Year in Music Review – Top 25 Songs Jan-Jun 10
Mika – Happy Ending
Giving Up on 123LinkIt.com
A Second Chance for 123LinkIt.com
Father’s Day
It’s Baaaaaaack.. So You Think You Can Dance – Season 7
Stupid Crow
50 Cent – Get Up!
Facebook… U Suck!
Vacation Time!
Happy Birthday, Canada!
El Sickie
Butterfly World…
Relish Coming to Saint John?
Reflections of an Easier Time
Sertraline: A Little SSRI Light Reading
Welcome to the First Day of the Rest of Your Life
Movie Time: (500) Days of Summer
Bobby Ryan vs Ryan Getzlaf Gold Medal Skit
Bat-street’s Back!
Continuing to Work With 123LinkIt
Old Spice Marketing Campaign
Karaoke Madness… Utter Madness…
Tick Tock… Is That a Lyme in Your Pocket, Or…
Who Do You Think You Are?
GPS Directions… Star Wars Style…
(With or) Without You
Coke vs Pepsi
Finally! 123LinkIt is Working Properly! (maybe)
Toy Story 3 in 3D? I Don’t Think So.
WaS Goes Romanian?
Kijiji Wijiji
Need Free Online Storage? Try Dropbox!
Mini-Vacation 2010 – Cape Breton, NS
The Plan: Driving to Cape Breton
Aiming for the Moon… WaS Reaches New Heights!
Living in the Lap of Luxury: Bras D’or Lakes Campground
A New Addition to the Family!
Gravatars – Nifty Little Avatars That Follow You Anywhere
Expanding My Palate
Still Not Using Dropbox??? What’s Wrong With You???
House 4 Sale
Marianas Trench – Beside You
Highway Chicken
Is Blogging Contagious?
Day Trip to Sydney, NS
Two More Blogs
It’s 4am…
The Surprise?
Customer Service Woes
Sailing the Bras d’Or
The “Simpsons” House
New Addition to the Blog: Favicons!
Little Brown Shoes
Upgraded iPhone OS
Coke! Buy One, Get One Free!
Having Fun With Dragon Dictation
Kids Say the Most Interesting Things…
Let’s Implement! (repost)
2520 Calorie Hamburger??? I’m in Love!
Blogging Ain’t Therapy (repost)
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz (repost)
Hello Brockville! (repost)
Attack of the Podcatchers – Podcasting: What is it, and How Might it Benefit YOUR Business?
The Cabot Trail… An Amazing View!
Stevolution – The Evolution of Steve: Part I (repost)
Traffic Stats Record Smashed – 188 Hits on Aug 20/10
Lady Ashburnham Pickles are a Local Favourite? Had No Idea!
Playing with Ads Again
In the Absence of Freedom
Blue October – Hate Me
WaS Service Interruption
$300 Business License to Run a Blog? You’ve Got to be Kidding Me!!
Meat Loaf: Literal Video Version (Anything For Love)
Like Father, Like Son
Another WaS Service Interruption? NOT $%^&*( Happy!!!
Well, I Guess They Showed Me!
Blog Outages – Lessons Learned
Balls of Steel: Man Stands in Front of a Line of Tanks
What the Hell is a Moshi Monster?
NB Election September 27, 2010 – Get Out and Vote!
Hot Hot Hot
Eminem – Love the Way You Lie
Evanescence – My Immortal
The Fray – Never Say Never
Katy Perry – Waking Up in Vegas
U2 – With or Without You
Shania Twain – From This Moment
Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce – Telephone
Genesis – Land of Confusion
Bon Jovi – (You Want to) Make a Memory
The Script – Breakeven
Bowling for Soup – 1985
Kings of Leon – Use Somebody
Skunk Anansie – Squander
Music Video Experiment a Success? Ummm… Not So Much, No…
Moving On
My Name is Earl
Good Ole Earl
A Fresh Pair of Eyes
The Newest Gleek
Best Backup Services
Going in a New Direction? My First Mac?