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Balls of Steel: Man Stands in Front of a Line of Tanks

Published August 30, 2010 - 2 Comments

We’ve all seen this before… at least the picture.  It’s the famous “tank man”.  I don’t remember if I had seen the video, though.  I suspect that I had, but it’s certainly worth watching again. Mashable posted a list of 10 Incredibly Inspirational Moments on YouTube recently.  They start by saying YouTube isn’t just for kittens, cute kids, and confabulating celebrities. And it’s true!  Most YouTube clips that get sent around the office are funny stuff… or at least funny to someone.  But YouTube is much more than that.  I recently watched 2 videos on how to replace the broken screen on my iPhone.  It was enough to convince me that it might actually be possible for me to replace myself.  And when the repair kit arrives in the mail, you can be sure that I will sit in front of my computer and follow the instructions of one of those videos step by step.

Even if you don’t watch through the 10 videos (I did not.. not all of them) it’s worth checking them out.  Each one of them is definitely special in its own way, and a reminder of how far we’ve come.