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Apple iPhone 4S … Maybe it Wasn’t a Collective Yawn After All…

Published October 12, 2011 - 0 Comments

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about the perceived lack of enthusiasm over Apple’s latest iPhone, the 4S.  From everything that I had seen and read it sure didn’t seem like people were jumping up and down about a new phone that looked exactly like the existing one, albeit faster and with some new software features.  Boy was I wrong!  And to help ease my battered ego, thankfully I was not alone.  Many others had come to the same wrong conclusion about the iPhone 4S.  So what happened to throw egg on all our faces?

Apple announced that they pre-sold over a million units in the first 24 hours, outpacing any Apple product ever.

Well then… hmm…  So much for the yawn factor…

For my part, I called Bell and asked about the early hardware upgrade I had been told about at the beginning of the summer.  At that time I was told that it was still too early, but to try back in the fall.  Well, this time the agent told me that I was not eligible until November of 1012.  Huh?  So call back in the fall didn’t mean this year?  Not impressed at all.  I have no plans on forking out $700 for a new phone.  Screw that.

I looked on Kijiji and found a local guy who told me that he could replace the home button on my broken 3GS for $50.  Really?  Why didn’t I go that route to begin with?  I also told him that I needed it wrapped in 6 inches of bubble wrap because apparently I was the most clumsy iPhone user.   Now all I need to do is get my hands on that phone again.  I had lent it out to someone because technically it DID work, so that person could play Hanging With Friends with me over her WiFi network.  Well… she hasn’t played it in ages, and it’s time to get that back, throw down $50 and see if I can’t get my iPhone working again.  3GS or not… it’s still 300x better than that piece of junk that I’m using… (Motorola Q)   [Side note:  I told the girl at Bell that I wanted a hardware upgrade because I hate my current phone and want to throw it against the wall as hard as I can.  She laughed.  I think she thought I was joking.  I wasn’t.]

I wish that phones weren’t so damn expensive.