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Another WaS Service Interruption? NOT $%^&*( Happy!!!

Published August 27, 2010 - 0 Comments

So the blog was down for nearly 13 hours since last evening, until a few minutes ago…  First, let me say THANK YOU to everyone who sent me a text or tweet to let me know that it was down.  I’d rather get a few messages from people telling me that there was a problem, than to go about my life thinking that everything was ok.  Certainly I would have picked up on it on my own, but that’s not the point.  It’s good to have people who care enough to let me know that something isn’t right with the blog.  So thank you.

Second, I’m extremely disappointed in PowWeb for 2 things:

  1. My account was suspended due to a mysterious charge back on my credit card, when in fact no such charge back was ever requested.
  2. When I called to have the problem corrected, I encountered incompetence at its finest.  I don’t know if the guy hung up on me or what, but I called back and got someone else who was at least a little better.  But even HE told me that it would be a couple of hours before they could unsuspend my account!  I was sitting in front of a screen showing my online credit card activity, and it clearly showed how I had paid for my yearly subscription… yet it would still take a couple of hours.  When I woke up this morning, it was STILL suspended!  I was just about to call again and suddenly everything came back to life.

I don’t believe that it takes that long to have something like that corrected.  I should know.  I had the same thing corrected earlier in the week!  Over the phone!  That time there HAD been a charge back.  It was unexpected, but it wasn’t PowWeb’s fault.  When I called them and provided them with more details, they were able to unsuspend the account within 15 mins.  So I know damn well that it IS possible, if you get the right person.  Obviously, in this latest instance, I did not.

I’ve heard of some online marketers paying for 2 separate hosting services.  In the event of a problem, they can switch the DNS to point to their backup.  If I get serious about this, it might just be something to look into.  Get all my eggs out of the same basket, so to speak.

Not happy PowWeb… not happy at all…