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All I Want For Christmas Is… My Lexus

Published December 22, 2010 - 0 Comments

Going to work in style!

Dear Santa,

I’ve given this list a lot of thought.  So far I’ve concentrated only on the bare necessities of life… things like a chair.. and socks…  yes, even Scarlett Johansson fills a need.  I’m not sure where on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs she lands… but I guarantee you, it’s very high.

But Life isn’t all about work, work, and more work… sometimes we need to play! And Santa, that’s where this latest gift idea comes in…

I love my Kia… sure, I complain about her when she strands me on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere… but I have CAA now, so I’m covered!  But Santa, she’s no spring chicken anymore.  She’s weathered.  She’s hanging low. While once she purred… now she whines.  She’s not a pretty sight…

I think that it’s time to trade up to a newer model.  Look at this beautiful Lexus luxury sedan.  So sleek, and curvy.  Imagine me behind the wheel of this thing of beauty.  It’s a pretty picture, isn’t it?  Oh yes…  Santa, I’d be the envy of all the other mid-life crisis friends I have.  Please… what’s it going to take to get me behind the wheel of this beautiful automobile, with Scarlett in the passenger seat?  I’d offer you my soul, but I’ve kinda promised that to someone else…  Is there anything else that we can do?