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AirMiles Toolbar Cracks Down

Published September 8, 2009 - 2 Comments
Ahh.. I was wondering how long it would be before they cracked down on things like this.  I don’t generally bookmark my sites anymore, or type them into the navigation bar.  I type what I’m looking for into the Yahoo! AirMiles toolbar, and let it find the site, and THEN go there.  It gives me a count toward my 50 searches for the 5 free AirMiles.  That, in itself, isn’t really wrong.  What I had noticed, though, was that it was possible to type in “Whatabout stephen”, go to the site, and then type “Whatabout stephen” again a little later, and get another count.  Seems that’s about to stop.  I’m curious how much time they’re going to require between searches, because if it’s only a single search, then I will probably just remove the toolbar and go back to Google.
I’m not really surprised that they’re doing this.  I’m more surprised that it’s taken them this long… especially with the bots, macros and nonsensical requests.

Search Fraud
IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Your search was deemed not valid. Effective September 15th these search activities will not be counted for purposes of calculating the number of searches you perform. While currently being counted on the toolbar beginning Sept. 15th they will not.

Your search may have been deemed invalid for the following reasons:

  • Searching a word repeatedly
  • Your search query was nonsensical or yielded no actual results
  • Your query originated from an automated process or macro
  • Search patterns reflect that you are not actually using this service for results
NOTE: If you use the toolbar conducting valid searches you should have no problem. We reserve the right to not issue reward miles and/or reverse reward miles from Collector accounts on invalid searches.

If you think you have received this in error, please send an email to support@freecause.com with the information displayed below:

ToolID: undefined