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AdSense vs AdBrite

Published September 26, 2009 - 3 Comments

I have to say that I’m not super impressed with AdBrite.  It’s supposed to be a viable alternative to Google’s AdSense, and I suppose that it IS an alternative, but whether it’s even in the same ballpark, well, I don’t know.

This is a personal blog, and it doesn’t drive the kind of traffic needed to make advertising a sustainable passive income.  I knew that going into it.  It’s no fault of AdBrite, because the same problem would occur with any advertising network.

But where I find Adbrite frustrating is how difficult it is to get the ads onto the site.  They’re not purely contextual, like Google AdSense ads are.  They don’t displays ads based on the page’s content.  Instead, when I set up an ad, I have to provide a list of up to 50 keywords.  That wouldn’t be such a big problem, except that it seems to take days before the ads start working.  That is a problem because they don’t always seem to work, so sometimes I wait for days and then decide to take down the ads, and redo the ad zone, and have to wait again. 

I’ve also noticed that sometimes when I check the site, there are NO ads displaying, even though they had been there earlier.  I’ve asked other people about this, and they’ve said “what ads?”.  So I don’t know what’s going on there. 

I’ve also noticed that they pay much less per click than Google AdSense does. 

All in all, I’d say that AdBrite is an interesting experiment, but I don’t think that I’ll be buying my new Lexus from the money generated through it.