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Add a Little Voodoo to your Kitchen…

Published August 14, 2009 - 0 Comments

I am so glad that my ex and I get along great, although I’ll be scared if I show up there one day and see one of these in her kitchen!

The Ex Voodoo Knife Set.. Wow!

The Ex Voodoo Knife Set.. Wow!

Just imagine the look on people’s faces as you ask someone to give you a hand and get the knives out to set the table.  Wow.  It’s not hard to imagine how people come up with this stuff.  It IS pretty stylish, though.  And comes in 7 great colours!

I noticed this on a site that was highlighted recently in a magazine that I read (yes, to this day I still manage to read from time to time).  They were showcasing the Pizza Boss 3000 but when I saw the Ex, I knew that I had to mention it instead!

I could spend a small fortune on this site.