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A Picture is Worth…

Published March 3, 2011 - 6 Comments

I sent this out over Twitter earlier, but I realize that some people still insist on living in the Dark Ages, and don’t tweet… so for those people, I thought that it was funny enough to write a blog post too!

I finally got a call from the company Health and Wellness people today to discuss my application for Short Term Disability… (ironically, I think they abbreviate it as STB rather than the obvious… no one wants to be on STD…) The guy was looking over the form that my doctor had faxed in, and he said “Hmm… that doesn’t look like fun… so is it safe to say that “pain” was the primary reason you couldn’t attend work?”

I said “Yeah, something like that… I took some great pictures if..”

“Oh that’s ok!” he cut me off quickly with a laugh.. “I’ll tell you right now, you’re approved! No need to send me any pictures!”

Awww…. but a picture is worth a thousand words!