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A Peculiar Day

Published March 25, 2013 - 2 Comments


Today would have been a good day to have bought a lottery ticket.  Why?

It started with a conversation at work with a woman who is making a baby quilt for someone she knows.  The baby hasn’t been born yet, but apparently the parents plan to name him Chace.  (that’s not a typo)  She’s going to make the baby quilt and sew the baby’s name onto it.  I made a smart-ass comment “The baby hasn’t been born yet?  Watch.. you’ll make that quilt and then they’ll decide to name him William or something like that…”  My co-worker looked at me in amazement… “His middle name is William… they’re going to call him Chace William…”  I just shrugged it off, and said jokingly “I knew that…”.

Not good enough for you?  How about this?

Less than 30 mins after that exchange I sent an instant message to another co-worker asking her if they were done discussing The Following.  I’ve started to watch that show, but I am several episodes behind, and when I heard a discussion starting, I immediately put my headphones on.  I made a joke that I had ABBA playing as loud as it could go, so I couldn’t hear them.  She wrote back, criticizing my choice of music, and asked if I had any Rob Zombie.  I explained that I had over 14,000 songs on my playlist, so it was just a random mismatch of pretty much anything.  I said that I DID have a Rob Zombie song from The Matrix soundtrack somewhere.  And then I clicked next…

I swear this is the absolute truth… of exactly 14,005 tracks on my iPhone iCloud playlist… it randomly chose Rob Zombie – Dragula to play.  I was completely blown away… I got up and walked over to where she was sitting and showed her… I don’t think that there was any doubt from the look on my face that I wasn’t pulling her leg.  It was incredibly freaky!

I really should go get a lottery ticket. I have just over an hour before midnight, and I have to go out anyway because I have a work activity starting at midnight.