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A New Addition to the Family!

Published August 3, 2010 - 2 Comments

After my first and only experience with Kijiji was a bust, I thought that I might have to put up with the ancient stove.  Then another burner stopped working.  That meant that I had 2 small burners, and an oven door that would fall off its hinge when opened.  Sweet.

Then good ole fashion networking saved the day.

One of my co-workers heard my bitching and told me that he knew someone who might be interested in selling his stove.  So I made a call, and got the story…

“My wife went into the store to get a replacement handle for our dishwasher… which worked perfectly except the handle had broken off… and she came out with a brand new dishwasher, fridge, and stove!”  I’m sure that there’s a lesson to be learned there somewhere, but I’ll leave that up to you to figure out.

He told me that it was in perfect working order, but that it wasn’t white.  He tried to describe the colour to me, but for some reason, all I could imagine was a horrible orange-brown combination that I must have seen growing up somewhere.  This stove is not like that.  I’ve since heard it described as “almond” and I think that’s a perfect choice of words.  I laughed when the guy showed me a nick on the front of it and apologized for the condition… umm… that’s quite alright.  If you could see the ancient one that this is replacing, you’d understand.  It has to be older than I am.  I’m shocked they even had electricity back then!

I haven’t used it yet, but I’m looking forward to actually being able to cook something nice in it!  Maybe a big roast beef or turkey dinner… that would be a great way to break it in!