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A Little Mortality

Published January 22, 2011 - 7 Comments

Contrary to my best medical opinion, I’m still here.  Not much has changed since yesterday.  If I lay perfectly still, I feel pretty good.  The second I start to get up or move to one side, my chest wants to explode.  So the cure is obviously to stay in bed!  Everything is better in bed.

But I managed to drag my ass off the couch (I thought that I might sleep on my back better if I was on the couch) and have a hot bath.  I thought that maybe I’d feel better laying there.  It didn’t really help.  But it did remind me that I said I was going to step back onto the scales again, and find my blood pressure monitor.  I bought it a couple of years ago, and used it faithfully for about 3 days… and then packed it at the back of a closet.

222.8 lbs.  That’s actually a couple of pounds lighter than I was expecting.  My weight tends to hover at 225lbs but I’ve seen it peak at 230lbs not too long ago.  Not that it’s a huge difference, but any number that is lower is better than higher!  Then I hooked up the blood pressure monitor…   (Mum, you should stop reading here)   I took the best of the three readings..  143/95.  When I put those numbers into my little iPhone blood pressure tracking app that I recently purchased, the little dot changed from green to a skull and cross bones… just kidding… but it did change from green to redI’m guessing that it’s trying to tell me something.

There’s a little spot that I can add notes, so I put “Have pneumonia.  Stressed.  Chest hurts”.  That’ll give the medical examiner a place to start looking.  Yeah, I know that it’s kinda morbid, but that’s how I deal with things… shrug them off… and if one day something ever does happen, people can say “That was kinda ironic… he never dreamed he’d get gored by a bull! Snowplow? Yeah.  Pneumonia? Yup.  Food poisoning.  You betcha!  But not a bull… what’re the chances of that?”

So tomorrow I’ll check my blood pressure again, and input it into the little program.  Then I can start tracking the patterns.. there’s even a spot for it to email me and my doctor… now all I have to do is convince her to give me her email address!  Yeah… I don’t think so.

Just finished the bottle of Coke as I was writing this…  I think it might be time to send the roomie out for another.  Thank goodness the store is just up the road!