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50 Cent – Get Up!

Published June 27, 2010 - 0 Comments

This is another of those songs that I probably would not have ever heard of, had I not been going through a Top 100 countdown once upon a time.  I give each song about 10 seconds to impress me, or get deleted.  That’s probably longer than most people spend reading this blog before they decide to go elsewhere.

My music interests are pretty diverse, but 50 Cent is not an artist that had made it onto my playlist.. until Get Up!  As soon as I heard it, I felt my inner gangsta rising to the surface.  Oh yeah… a real bad ass… Hehe..  but seriously, I love the back beat.. and those lyrics..  walking around the house singing  “I have the savoir faire!” bobbing my head up and down like an idiot.

It took me awhile, but I finally got around to purchasing the ringtone for my iPhone.  It’s not my primary one… no, I have it saved for a select individual, and it makes me laugh when he calls because his very professional picture suddenly appears on my screen, followed by 50 Cent belting out that lyric that I love so much…. I have the savoir faire!  Those two images clash incredibly.  But I do have it set as my alarm in the morning!  The speaker on the iPhone is actually pretty good, and I love waking up to the sweet soothing sounds of Get Up!  In the future, I’ll have a large flat screen built into my wall, and it will automatically come on with this or some other suitable video…  But until then, this will just have to do!

It must be true… I DO have the savoir faire!  🙂