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3am Eternal

Published August 15, 2009 - 1 Comment

It’s late. It’s really late. 3am is the time when most people are tucked into bed, sleeping quite soundly. Not me. Not tonight. Tonight I’m up. I wouldn’t quite say “wide awake” up, but I’m up. There are some nights when sleep just doesn’t seem to be an option. Tonight is one of those nights. So I have the music cranked. I’m going through my iTunes library, fixing mistakes as I come across them. So many of the songs have the artist and song title combined in the same field. So I’m separating them. It’s tedious work. And if it sounds a little anal, yeah, it might be. I’ve been collecting this library for years, and it’s only become an “issue” for me now. Now that I’m tracking my listening habits (for no real particular reason other than curiosity) I’m noticing that it’s hard to group the songs together when some of them are formatted in one particular manner, and others are not. So I’m going through them. There are a couple of thousand songs in the library, so it’s no small task.

And it’s laundry time. I don’t have the luxury of being able to hang it outside at this hour, so I have to stick it in the dryer, but that’s fine. It has piled up a little over the days, and it’s time to get caught up. And don’t get me started on the leaning tower of dirty dishes that sprung up suddenly in the kitchen. I’m embarrassed to have anyone over. So it’s time to get that cleaned up too.

Then there’s time well spent on the deck. The sky is crystal clear. Earlier in the week I was able to view some of the meteor shower that we were treated to in these parts. It was nice. There’s nothing like that tonight, but it’s amazing how dark it is out here, and how brightly the stars shine without the city lights interfering with them. It’s peaceful at this hour.

Unfortunately it also means that my day time is pretty much a write-off, but that’s something that I’ll worry about tomorrow.