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2CELLOS And Glee

Published March 5, 2012 - 1 Comment

I’ve been a little slow getting caught up on my Glee posts lately (sorry Jan, I know how much you miss these) …

A couple of weeks ago they performed a Michael Jackson-themed show. There wasn’t really anything overly special about it for me… until I started listening again to some of the music from that episode.  Their version of Smooth Criminal was a duet duel of sorts, and I think that it worked really well. (And not simply because Santana is smokin’ hot)  But what made it even more unique was that all the music in the song comes from 2 duelling cellists (I had to look that up because apparently celloist is not a word.  Go figure.)  Check out the Glee version of the song.

That’s all fine and dandy… but then the latest Gleek, Jess, pointed out to me that the guys playing the cellos have their own thing going called 2CELLOS (Don’t hold that astounding originality against them) and have several songs on iTunes.  So I went there to check it out, and it’s quite amazing!  With or Without You.  Use Somebody.  Welcome to the Jungle.  It’s really neat to hear their take on these songs!  I ended up buying their video for Smooth Criminal.  After doing some reading, it seems that’s the song that got them first recognized, and it’s easily my favourite.  If you’re looking for something different, check this out!