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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Watched “Going Clear”… or Scientology, WTF?!?

Published June 29, 2015 - 0 Comments

Scientology_2460585bSat down last night and watched the HBO movie Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.  Wow.  If you’re like me, and really have no idea what it means other than Tom Cruise jumping up and down on a couch like some sort of maniac… well, this movie is for you.  I knew there were aliens involved, but I didn’t realize how utterly fucked up the premise of this “religion” was.


So 75 million years ago there’s this galactic overlord named Xenu who brought a whole bunch of his people to Earth in DC8 airplanes and dropped them into volcanoes before bombing the shit out of them with hydrogen bombs?  And now all their little spirits cling to humans and cause us spiritual harm… unless we pay uber amounts of money to work up different levels until we reach the top and are finally clear?  Where do I sign up?


I am Xenu. Take me to your leader.

Oh, did I mention THIS is Xenu?

Looks pretty badass, if I do say so myself.

I will say in all seriousness that I do understand the appeal of people wanting to better themselves and finding like-minded people who share their beliefs is important.  But I do not understand how seemingly rational people (Tom Cruise excluded) would look at this and say “Yup! That sounds like a good fit for me!”.



Adventures in Eating

Published June 19, 2015 - 0 Comments

I love to eat.  I’m good at it too!  I can eat with the best of them!  But as much as I love to eat, I don’t have a particularly adventurous palate.  I’m a self-admitted meat and potatoes man.  I’ll argue with anyone that the potato is, in fact not only a vegetable, but the best vegetable!  You can keep your greens – I don’t want ’em!

But once in awhile I try to ease out of my comfort zone and try something new.  It happened before with escargots.  It happened with goat cheese.

It’s finally beginning to feel like summer, and I’ve decided to try spicing things up a little.  I haven’t really tried anything completely brand new, but I’m preparing meals differently than I’m used to.  Here’s a sample of what I’m talking about.  Oh, and the pictures aren’t actually ones that I took.  I spent so much time preparing the meals that I didn’t think until afterwards that I should have taken pictures.  So these are from the websites that the recipes came from.

Grilled Salmon

I’m not much of a fish eater.  I enjoy halibut when I can afford it. Grilled Salmon I’ve tried to introduce salmon into my diet, without much success.  I generally enjoy it, but it’s still not something that I naturally think of buying.  I almost have to force myself to go into that section of the grocery store, and then I have to force myself to cook it.  More than once I’ve thrown out uncooked salmon because my good intentions failed to extend to when I got home.

This one turned out quite well, despite not being fully cooked.  I should have left it on the grill for another minute or two.  Still, it was tasty!

Spinach Salad with Honey Dressing

spinach-salad-honey-dressing-honeyed-pecans-sl-xHere’s where things start to get interesting.  Spinach?  Salad?  Stephen?  Really?  I discovered awhile ago that I don’t mind baby spinach.  It doesn’t really taste like anything.  I use it as the base of most of my salads.  Throw some fresh strawberries and blueberries on there… a little red onion… and some honey roasted almonds (rather than the pecans it called for) and I’m good to go.  The fun part was making the dressing.  I’ve never made dressing before.  Unfortunately my balsamic vinegar was dark, not light, so it didn’t have the same bright yellow look as in the picture.  But judging from the faces of those who tried it, it didn’t matter.  I’d say it was a hit.  Oh!  I almost forgot… there was one thing in the salad that was brand new for me.  Blue Cheese!  I’ve always resisted trying blue cheese.  The idea of eating moldy cheese wasn’t something that appealed to me.  Then again, neither was goat cheese, and turns out I was wrong about that!  The verdict?  There’s nothing subtle about blue cheese.  You definitely know when you’ve got a piece of it in your mouth.  But all in all, I thought it worked.

Brazilian Grilled Pineapple

A great meal needs to be topped off with something sweet.  I’ve seen grilled 1095615pineapple in pictures and always thought that it was something I’d like to try.  This recipe calls for marinating the pineapple slices in brown sugar and cinnamon before grilling them!  Who doesn’t like brown sugar and cinnamon?  I loved hearing “Is there cinnamon on this?!  I can smell it.  It smells awesome!”

Guess what?  It tasted even better!

Anyone else out there trying new foods?  I’d love to see some suggestions in the comments!


Forget Coupon Clipping… Try Checkout 51 Instead… And Save $$$

Published June 1, 2015 - 0 Comments

Checkout 51I don’t like coupons.  First you have to cut them out.  Then you have to remember to take them with you.  After that you have to remember to actually USE them when you are paying for your groceries.  And you’d better hope that they haven’t expired.  There has to be a better way.

Enter Checkout 51, a cash-back alternative to coupon clipping that has been around for a couple years, and somehow flew under my radar until 3 weeks ago. I was looking at recommended apps on my iPhone, and noticed Checkout 51 with hundreds of reviews, and a near perfect 5 star rating.  When I read the description, it seemed almost too good to be true.  Sign up for free.  Receive a list of offers on products that I would have a good chance of buying anyway.  Upload a picture of the receipt using the camera on my phone.  Have money added to my account within minutes.  And be able to request a cheque after only $20?  Yeah right.

Well after 3 weeks I now have $15.25 in my account, and will probably hit the coveted $20 amount next week.  I’ve talked to a few people who have received cheques in the mail, so I’m pretty confident that I’m next!  Just waiting for payday, and my next grocery list.  It’s incredibly easy, and kinda fun too!  Although after 3 weeks, I think my kids might be getting tired of Mini-Wheats, but hey… I saved $0.75 on every box.  Way better than the Fruit Loops that I refuse to buy!