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Monthly Archives: June 2013

On Vacation – 2 Weeks!

Published June 29, 2013 - 0 Comments

I’m on vacation!  For 2 whole weeks!  So you know what THAT means, right?  If it’s raining wherever you are when you’re reading this… It’s my fault.  You’re welcome!  And if you would like to book a spot on my Ark, there might be a little room left between the Rhinos and Hippos… so good luck!

Yes, the long term forecast looks suspiciously like Stephen vacation weather… wet.  Downpours.  Thunder and lightning.  Light rain.  End of Days.  Needless to say, I’m not planning on venturing far from home.  Perhaps a nice “staycation”, if you will. It’s cheaper that way, and I’ve discovered that being a home owner can be rather costly.

One of my goals over the next two weeks is to complete a course that I signed up for called Make Your First Dollar by the folks at AppSumo. I know that a lot of people equate making money online with scammers… and there certainly is a lot of that… but there are also some really good online businesses out there, and I plan on being one of them.  I needed a little boost, so I decided to buy that course… and so far I’m loving it!

You may have seen the video below already.  I posted it yesterday, but I’ve discovered a way to embed it directly into the site, rather than through YouTube… which I think gives it a much more natural feel.  So I’m posting it again!  I’m pretty proud of it, considering I have zero artistic ability.

The F Word…

Published June 25, 2013 - 0 Comments

Fear is a four letter word.

Fear is the F word.

Failure is also the F word.

Fear of Failure is crippling.


Today marks the 1 year anniversary of starting a new position at work.  I still remember that day quite vividly.  I had severe second thoughts about coming into this role.  Fear of leaving my comfort zone.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of starting back at zero.  Fear of having to learn everything new again.  Fear of failure.

Flash forward 1 year.  That fear no longer exists.  I have found my groove.  I have created a new comfort zone.  Yet the lessons learned are short-lived.  Outcomes are rarely as awful as imagined.  Pleasant surprises are not unheard of.  But still… tentative baby steps…

It is time to be unafraid.

Top 5 Music Videos

Published June 17, 2013 - 0 Comments

I thought that I’d look at something a little different today… everyone knows that I like my music videos.. I’m probably one of the few people reading this who actually buys music videos from iTunes.  Might seem strange to you, but I get far more of my money’s worth from a $2.29 music video than from a $20 movie.

So what have I been watching?  Well.. according to my iTunes Top 5 Music Video playlist…

#5 The Script feat will.i.am – Hall of Fame

I like the message that this song conveys… and the part where the girl puts her hand on the speaker to feel the music because she can’t hear it…


#4 Mariana’s Trench – Stutter

I wrote about this one very recently.  This song still makes my foot tap and sing along at home.


#3 Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop

This song drive my kids nuts… which of course means that I play it nice loud when they’re visiting!  In fact, I even created a ring tone that says “what what”…   😉


#2 Classified featuring David Myles – Inner Ninja

I was a little slow to come around to this song, but once I did, it really connected with me.  Doesn’t hurt that there is some local talent (Halifax and Fredericton are close enough) behind this one.  And they won the award for Best Video last night at the Much Music Video Awards!


#1 Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up

I listened to this song a lot.  That’s all I’ll say about that.

Apple Announces No New iPhones… Hooray!

Published June 12, 2013 - 1 Comment

silver-apple-logoApple had their big conference earlier this week.  Despite all sorts of speculation that a new iPhone was going to be announced, the event concluded without any such revelation.  I am probably one of the few Apple lovers who was actually happy about the lack of a new iPhone.  Seeing as I just bought my iPhone 5 last month, I wasn’t looking forward to seeing it become obsolete so soon.  At least now I can cling to the illusion non-obsolescence a little longer!

I do have to say that I love my iPhone 5.  I upgraded from a 3GS, which has been a fantastic phone, but was beginning to show its age.  The iPhone 5 is so much faster, and with 64GB of storage, I don’t have to worry about filling it up yet.  It’s considerably smaller than the 3GS, but my decision to purchase an OtterBox case dramatically adds to its size.  The OtterBox is a virtual fortress of protection, but makes the iPhone 5 rather clunky.. not unlike a 3GS!  I’m quite used to its size, but I keep joking that if I ever do take it out of the OtterBox for some reason, I’m not going to want to put it back in there.  It’s just such a sleek form factor.

This phone should do me quite well for the next few years!

Lost and Found

Published June 5, 2013 - 2 Comments

What would you do if you found a wallet on the sidewalk as you walked to work?  That’s the question that I had to answer yesterday morning.

I’ll admit, the first thing I did after stopping to pick it up was to check and see if there was any money in it.  I think that most people would instinctively do that.  There was none, but I also like to think that wouldn’t have changed my next decision at all.

Although there was no money or credit cards, there were plenty of ID and bank cards.  This wallet needed to be returned to its rightful owner.

I looked him up in the phone book.  No number.  I looked on Facebook, and I think that I might have found him… but a few hours after sending a message, there was still no response.  I turned to Twitter to see if anyone knew him.  Then someone suggested that the Police might be able to help.  Fine… I’d do it the old fashioned way.

I saw that his address was in Quispamsis, so I called the Rothesay Regional Police.  They checked to see whether he had reported it missing.  He had not.  I told them that I could drop it off to them on my way home, but because it had been found in uptown Saint John, I had to report it to them instead.  OK then.. the big shiny new Police HQ is now open directly across from my workplace, so I walked over there to give it to someone.

If only it was that simple.

“I found this wallet when I was walking to work this morning” I told the girl behind the reinforced glass in reception.  She backed away and put her hands up like I was trying to give her a bomb.  “No, I don’t want it.  You have to call dispatch and file a report“.  I’m standing in the lobby of the SJ Police HQ… I just want to give it to someone.. anyone…

There’s a phone on the wall with a direct line to dispatch.  After answering a bunch of questions, and giving them my location as “down in the lobby” I was told that an officer would be dispatched to me…  So I sat down.. and waited… and waited.. and watched different officers come and go.. and waited some more…   Finally a young officer came out and asked me MORE questions, finally accepting the wallet and saying “We’ll see if we can track him down“.

“Shouldn’t be too hard.  His address is on his ID.”

What a pain in the ass.  I should have just taken it to him myself on my way home.