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2011: The Year of the Big Sickie

Published March 29, 2011 - 3 Comments

Oh no… what now???

Let’s see… the year started off with pneumonia, then graduated into black-balled hematoma… and now… another cold! I’ve never had such a miserable year, and it’s only March! That doesn’t bode well for me looking forward.

I started feeling the telltale “tickle in my throat” at the end of my last night shift.  By the time I woke up on my first day off, I was in full fledged sick mode.  Coughing, stuffed up, spitting up green stuff, and feeling pretty miserable.  Which of course meant that I had to share my misery with as many people as I could! I turn into the biggest baby when I’m sick.  Just ask any woman who’s ever been with me during these times.  It’s a wonder they haven’t conspired to put me out of my (and their) misery.

It’s a pretty crappy way to spend your 4 days off… not that I had any plans, but still…