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Monthly Archives: September 2009

So You Think You Can Dance comes to Saint John Yet Again?

Published September 30, 2009 - 0 Comments

I got a call from my Mum yesterday, telling me that the SYTYCD Canada tour had announced that Saint John would be the only New Brunswick appearance.  Apparently she figured that I might be interested in this news, seeing as I’ve been known to watch the show from time to time  🙂

Actually, I was quite interested in going last year, but the tour happened without me ever hearing about it.  I don’t honestly know if they even came to NB or if they bypassed us altogether.  But apparently this year they’re going to be stopping by.  Dec 21 seems a little late in the year, but I checked my work schedule and I’m surprisingly scheduled off that night.

I guess I’ll be scrounging up some money for tickets to see the Top 10 perform.

Thanks Mum! 

Putting the “Max” Back Into PC Computing

Published September 30, 2009 - 1 Comment

A friend of mine recently lent me his latest copy of Maximum PC.  It’s been a couple of years since I’d read that magazine, and I instantly wondered why I had let so much time go by.  Of all the computer mags that I’ve read over the years, Maximum PC was the one that seemed to rise above the rest.  I’m not a huge hardware geek.  I prefer software and applications over upgrading to the latest CPU and video card. Having said that, I always seemed to find so much value with that publication, even though it deals primarily with the latest hardware that I can never afford.  Flipping through the pages rekindled my love for Maximum PC.

I think a subscription might be in order!

Celebrity Squirrel

Published September 29, 2009 - 0 Comments

I know that every blog has covered this to death, but I also discovered that not all of my friends were aware of the story, so I decided to post the picture here, for their benefit.  And hey.. it’s a Canadian squirrel, so I’m all about giving a shout out to the little guy!

I’ve seen it covered on several mainstream media outlets, and it apparently was first made public on National Geographic’s site.

Some people say that it can’t be real.  I don’t know know about.  But either way, it’s a great picture!

Harper Visits Saint John…

Published September 28, 2009 - 1 Comment

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in town today. 


Apparently he was here to deliver an economic update.


I didn’t even know that he was coming to the port city until I was on my drive home this morning, and heard it on the radio.  One of the radio stations was offering $973 to anyone who could get Stephen Harper to come into the station and talk to them.  I don’t know if they were successful with that or not.  I slept all day and didn’t hear what he had to say until I woke up several hours after he had already left.

I think that the one thing that struck a chord with me was that ‘an unnecessary fall election is not in the best interest of Canadians’.  I’m paraphrasing because I heard the sound bite on the radio, and I don’t remember the exact wording.  But yes…  I think that’s about the only thing that I agree with no questions asked. 

This country has had far too many federal elections in the past couple of years.  It almost feels like we’re overdue, but we keep having the same outcome.  A Conservative minority government.  Until the Liberals can manage to put someone at the helm of their party who inspires confidence with everyday Canadians, I think that we’re going to continue on this same path.  So why bother wasting more money and going to the polls, only to have the exact same outcome the day after the polls close.  It’s ludicrous.

That’s not a vote for you, Stephen.  It’s simply a matter of fact.

Ode to Friendship

Published September 27, 2009 - 11 Comments

Electronic dice.. Robotech..  Genesis.. Blue Lagoons.. Ick and Snot.. The Captain.. K-town.. Dooleys.. Oh What a Night.. Planes for Men..  EverQuest.. Dark Chocolate.. AD&D.. Pink Shirt.. Bat Bitch.. Nature Park.. Axis & Allies.. BBS.. Empire.. The Unfriendly Giant..  Kjartan.. The Wedding.. If I Had A Million Dollars.. VGAP.. Trade Wars.. Sandspit.. RIFTS.. The Office..  Stages.. CompUSA.. Moncton.. Gnomes..  Red Milk Truck..  The Matrix..  Sandy with a Y.. Bakersfield.. Total Annihilation.. Two and a Half Men.. Mute Boy..  Boo!.. AJ’s.. Simspon Road.. PokerStars.. The Wellington.. Dunnik.. Sidekick.. She’s Got a Nice Personality.. Boston.. Cashews.. SYTYCD.. Dark Deluxe..  I Will Always Love You.. Texas Mickey.. Lin Chau.. Awkward Silence.. Tape Flipping.. Beer Bottle Catch.. Bon Jovi.. San Diego..  Amiga.. Beach Bonfires.. O’Tooles.. With This Key.. Winter Warfare.. Eddings.. Assorted Crap.. Miss Cap Pelé.. Maximum PC.. Drunken Emails..  American Pie.. 236 Days.. Hazel.. Hot Chocolate.. Fuzzy Head.. Mr Cinderella.. Twitter.. Veeshan.. Allisa Vector.. Gemini Dream.. Big Brother.. Thrown Pop Bottle.. Kudon’t.. MBanx..  All Out of Love..  722.. My Promise to You..  The Happy Buddha..


AdSense vs AdBrite

Published September 26, 2009 - 3 Comments

I have to say that I’m not super impressed with AdBrite.  It’s supposed to be a viable alternative to Google’s AdSense, and I suppose that it IS an alternative, but whether it’s even in the same ballpark, well, I don’t know.

This is a personal blog, and it doesn’t drive the kind of traffic needed to make advertising a sustainable passive income.  I knew that going into it.  It’s no fault of AdBrite, because the same problem would occur with any advertising network.

But where I find Adbrite frustrating is how difficult it is to get the ads onto the site.  They’re not purely contextual, like Google AdSense ads are.  They don’t displays ads based on the page’s content.  Instead, when I set up an ad, I have to provide a list of up to 50 keywords.  That wouldn’t be such a big problem, except that it seems to take days before the ads start working.  That is a problem because they don’t always seem to work, so sometimes I wait for days and then decide to take down the ads, and redo the ad zone, and have to wait again. 

I’ve also noticed that sometimes when I check the site, there are NO ads displaying, even though they had been there earlier.  I’ve asked other people about this, and they’ve said “what ads?”.  So I don’t know what’s going on there. 

I’ve also noticed that they pay much less per click than Google AdSense does. 

All in all, I’d say that AdBrite is an interesting experiment, but I don’t think that I’ll be buying my new Lexus from the money generated through it.

Is Municipal Wi-Fi Dead?

Published September 26, 2009 - 2 Comments

I’ve been trying to get caught up on some of my Podcast viewing/listening lately.  One of the more interesting topics was that of municiple Wi-Fi, and whether there was any future for it still.  This particular podcast, Cranky Geeks, is based in the USA, and I suspect that country has far greater municipal Wi-Fi penetration than we do in Canada.  But I also know that the city of Fredericton, just up the road an hour or so, has their Fred-e-zone… so we’re not completely in the dark about municipal Wi-Fi.

I’ve never used the Fredericton Wi-Fi, so I can not say how well it works.  I know that the concept of free wireless internet service is definitely something that is appealing, but the technical realities must be daunting.  I can’t imagine the headaches that city planners have to deal with. 

So what happened to the plan to cover cities with free wireless internet?  I still find searching for a public hotspot to be a challenge.  Maybe in a larger city it might be easier, but this podcast seemed to give the impression that the municipal Wi-Fi idea was a bust.  That it was not being rolled out where it had originally been planned, and where it HAS been implemented, it was a met with disappointing results.

Has anyone ever used one?

So You Think You Can Dance Canada – Top 12

Published September 26, 2009 - 0 Comments

I think at this point, that I’m finally ready to start throwing out a couple of names for front runners.  I normally have my favs well before now.  This season has been a little harder.  There haven’t really been any huge standouts for me.  Not saying that I don’t like what I’m seeing.  Just saying that I haven’t really seen anyone breaking away from the pack.  I still stand by that, although I think at this point, I’m prepared to say who I’m going for.  And no, I still don’t vote.  It’s a little hypocritical, I know. 

On the women’s side, I think that Tara-Jean is the front runner.  She just seems to amaze me every week.  This past week, she and Everett had Theatre.  I don’t care how well they danced it (and apparently they did)… I just do not care for Theatre.  I’ve developed an odd appreciation for most of the styles on the show (don’t say it, Gary, Jan, and Paul…) but Theatre, and musicals in general, is just not my thing.  I’ll say this about the performance though.. it was filled with tons of energy.  They made it through without ending up in the bottom 3 couples.

Melanie would be my second pick.  She seems to have come out of nowhere.  For the first couple of weeks, I thought that she might have been in trouble, but she seems to have really come into her own.  I’m not a gigantic fan of her partner, Cody, and am curious to see how she does when they break the partnerships up starting next week. 

Of the girls who are left, there really aren’t any disappointments.  I was sorry to see Corynne go this week, but hey.. someone has to go.

On the men’s side, I think that Vincent is definitely the strongest.  His footwork is amazing.  I’m surprised that he’s been in the bottom three couples as many times as he has, but I think that it might be his partner.  He may benefit from the couples being split up next week.

If not Vincent, I’d say that Everett is probably the second best male dancer.  I think that he’s often over-shadowed by Tara-Jean, and will probably benefit, as well, from the new partnerships coming. 

I have to admit, I wasn’t really all that sad to see Daniel go.  He’s good, but he just didn’t stand out for me.  I almost wish that we could have gotten rid of a few others.. Emanuel and Cody would be next.  Sorry guys. 

We’re down to the Top 10… things should get really interesting now!

Old Man Winter.. How I Despise Thee…

Published September 26, 2009 - 2 Comments

I absolutely refuse to turn the heat on before October 1!  It’s been a “rule” of mine for as long as I’ve been paying for heat.  I’ll wrap myself in a blanket (or three), like an enchilada and shuffle around… but I won’t turn on the heat.  I’d rather break the piano into pieces of firewood and roast marsh mellows in the dining room.  But that thermostat won’t budge until October!

This morning, when I stepped outside at 6am and took a breath of that crisp air, I thought to myself “what a nice morning”.  Then promptly dashed to my car, whereby I noticed something peculiar about the state of its being…    IT WAS COVERED IN THICK FROST!  The first frost of the season.

Frost wouldn’t be so bad except that:

a. I don’t have a scraper in the car, and probably couldn’t find it in the house if I had to.

b. Although my car heater works, the direction switch doesn’t, and instead of blowing hot air on the windshield where I want it, it blows directly in my face, lulling me to sleep.  That makes for a very interesting (ie dangerous) drive to work in the morning.  I was pretty much almost there before I could see through the windshield properly, and resolved to biting the bullet and calling Kia on Monday to have that fixed. 

I hate cars.  I hate winter.  I hate cars in winter.

$47 In My Pocket

Published September 25, 2009 - 2 Comments

Here’s a good lesson to learn…  If you overpay a bill on a closed account, don’t expect to automatically receive a cheque for the overpaid balance.

I opened my latest (and last!) MBNA statement to find that I had a $47 CR balance.  When I called them to ask if I was going to receive a cheque, I was told that they didn’t do that unless requested.

OK, consider this my official request!

So I should see a cheque in the mail sometime in the next 2 weeks, which will cover the $40 NSF charge this month, and give me almost enough to buy a quarter pounder combo for lunch.

Good times.

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