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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Boys Night Out

Published August 29, 2009 - 1 Comment

If everything has gone to plan (and c’mon… does it ever?  Really?) I should be in Moncton right about now, indulging in the local cuisine and fine entertainment.  I’ve learned that every once in awhile I need to step outside of my comfort zone, and go have some fun somewhere.  Moncton is a nice break from the routine!

Look out, Moncton!  Here I come!

City of Angels

Published August 28, 2009 - 0 Comments

I’m sitting here watching City of Angels. It’s on TV and there’s not a whole lot of choice at this hour. I think that I’ve only ever seen it once, and I probably didn’t appreciate it as much the first time that I saw it. Given the last year of turbulence, it’s amazing how different it seems now.

There were a few great songs released on the soundtrack.  Remember Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls (are they even still around?)?  Love that one!  And I was pretty sure that Uninvited by Alanis Morissette was going to appear somewhere.  Apparently in the end credits.  I didn’t realize that Sarah McLachlan’s Angel was from this movie, although I can certainly understand why.  That song appears quite high on my top ranked playlist. 

Sometimes I’ll hear a song in a movie or a TV show that I’ve never heard before, and was probably never released to the radio, and for some reason it hits me.  My mission now is to find I Grieve  by Peter Gabriel.  It only played for about 30 seconds, but it was enough for me and one of the other guys to comment on it.  Good ole iTunes to the rescue?

If I remember correctly, I bought this movie (probably on VHS) for my sister a few years back.  Maybe it was DVD.  Or maybe it was the soundtrack on CD. 

The ole memory gets a little worse every day it seems! 

And now The Wedding Planner is coming on.  It must be wuss night on Movie Time.

Back in the High Life Again

Published August 27, 2009 - 0 Comments

Geeze, I’ve gotta be quicker on the draw! I’ve been working nights during the So You Think You Can Dance Canada shows this week, so I haven’t been able to watch either the performance or the result shows. Normally I could go for a few days without finding out the results, but apparently not anymore! Now, I’m watching the stats for the blog closely, and I last night I noticed several search engine requests for two particular names, with the words “voted off” in the search term! DOH! What a way to ruin it for myself.

I’ll still watch the two shows tomorrow night, but it won’t have quite the same effect.

Hopefully next week I’m a little quicker.

Drago The Bakugan

Published August 27, 2009 - 1 Comment

DragoI know I’m getting old when my kids want toys that I’ve never even heard of before.  Take the case of the illusive Drago, Leader of the Bakugan.  The what?  Exactly!

Dragonoid (or Drago, as my son calls him) is part of a collection of toys called Bakugans.  I’d never heard of these before, but apparently they’re all the rage… atleast with my kids.  I’m guessing that this is a Japanese import of some sort.  I looked at the toys.  They all looked pretty much the same to me.

I searched through Walmart and Toys ‘R Us for Drago, but only managed to find a Drago figure, not the actual moving toy. 

“That’s ok, Daddy.  You can get it for me next time”, he said, after I gave him the figure. 

Ahhh… so understanding…

Adding Ads = Yucky

Published August 27, 2009 - 2 Comments

I’m currently trying out a couple of different alternatives to Google Adsense, and have thrown them blatently in the middle of the right side bar, where they stand out like a sore thumb.  This is simply a test.  Please ignore them and carry on. 



[ad#New AdBrite Ad]


Published August 26, 2009 - 0 Comments

The summer is winding down.  The days are getting noticeably shorter.  The mornings are crisper.  It won’t be long before summer is a distant memory, and fall takes its place.  Sad, really.  I blinked, and summer seemed to come and disappear.  Where does the time go?  It wasn’t really the summer that I envisioned it would be.  Not that it didn’t have its high points.  It did. 

It feels as though 2009 is passing by at an incredible rate.  And maybe that’s a good thing.  I’m looking forward to 2010 being an incredible year. 

A fresh start…

SYTYCD Canada Top 20 Revealed

Published August 24, 2009 - 3 Comments

I sat down last night at 8pm to watch So You Think You Can Dance Canada.  I wanted to finally see who the Top 20 were going to be.  I flipped on the TV, settled in nicely, and…  on came Merlin. 

I don’t know what to think about that show.  Considering I used to play Dungeons & Dragons for years, you’d think that the story of Merlin would be something that would interest me.  It does not. Sorry.  And why is it on during So You Think You Can Dance Canada???

Apparently I got my times mixed up.  This was only going to be a one hour show, so it didn’t start until 9pm.  Fine.  It gave me a little more time to make supper.  Yes, I was eating late last night.

When the show finally DID come on at 9pm, I had great fun txting the results to someone who was unable to watch it with me because she was stuck in a car on the way to PEI.   “Tara-Jean is in!”  “Earth man didn’t make it…”  (Earth man was the nickname we gave one of the guys because his name was very difficult to remember, and he was very spiritual and in tune with his surroundings.  Great dancer.  Just didn’t really fit in with the choreography part of the show)

All in all, it looks like a good Top 20, but I really wish that the judges wouldn’t toy with them like they do.  If they made it through, just tell them.  Don’t start to tell them one thing, and then surprise them at the end.  It’s frustrating.

And this year we have someone from the Maritimes to cheer for!  She’s a crumper though… whatever the hell that means!

I think that the next show is Tuesday night, when we finally get to see them perform and vote for our favs.  No, I don’t vote.  I just watch and grumble when my favs get voted off.

So You Think You Can Dance Canada Top 20:

  • Amy Gardner from Calgary
  • Anthony Grafton from Calgary
  • Austin Di lulio from Mississauga, Ont.
  • Cody Bonnell from Unionville, Ont.
  • Corynne Barron from Edmonton
  • Daniel Dory from Montreal
  • Danny Lawn from Brockville, Ont.
  • Emanuel Sandhu from Vancouver
  • Everett Smith from Glen Morris, Ont.
  • Jayme Rae Dailey from Montreal
  • Jenna Lynn Higgins from Toronto
  • Kim Gingras from Montreal
  • Melanie Buttarazzi from Woodbridge, Ont.
  • Melanie Mah from Richmond Hill, Ont.
  • Natalie Lyons from Halifax
  • Nicolas Begin from Quebec City
  • Tara-Jean Popowich from Lethbridge, Alta.
  • Tatiana Parker from Toronto
  • Taylor James from Vancouver
  • Vincent Desjardins from Trois-Rivieres, Que.
  • Awesome Kirk

    Published August 22, 2009 - 1 Comment

    Awesome KirkI was looking through some old stuff recently, and I came across this picture.  It’s part of a series that was sent to me last year, but this is the best one (in my opinion).  It always makes me laugh, and that’s important nowadays.

    Just look at that smug look on Captain Kirk’s face.  “I’m better than you.  I know it.  You know it.  Hell, the whole galaxy knows it! Now begone with you!”

    Anyone Using Google Chrome?

    Published August 22, 2009 - 2 Comments

    I know that at least one person who looks at the blog is using Google’s browser, Chrome.  It shows up in the stats, alongside Apple’s Safari.  I’m not an Apple guy (personal music, aside) so I will probably never use the Safari browser, but I might switch over to Chrome if there is enough of a reason to.

    I’ve been using Firefox since before it was even called Firefox (remember Firebird? Neither did I.  I had to look it up because I knew that I was using the browser years ago,and it had undergone a name change.  Firebird). At the time, Microsoft Internet Explorer was horrible.  Now it’s less horrible, but I’ll never switch back.  They dropped the ball on that one.  I even used the Opera browser for a bit.  It’s not bad either, and I think that much of Firefox’s feature set was originally in Opera first.  Firefox just did a better job of getting it out to the masses.

    So is there a need for a new browser?  I honestly don’t know.  It’s supposed to be faster than Firefox.  I’ve installed the latest version of Chrome and am happy with it.  It might be faster.  I’ve never run any tests on it.  But it feels like it’s lacking something for me.  Visually, I mean.  It just feels bare.  But that’s how Google likes things.

    I think that I’ll test drive it a little longer before I really say much more about it, but I was just curious about whether anyone had anything to say about Chrome.

    Might make a great new poll   🙂

    Quick! Everyone Hide in the Storm Cellar! Wild Bill’s Comin’ to Town!

    Published August 21, 2009 - 2 Comments
    Wild Bill's a Comin'

    Wild Bill's a Comin'

    Dig out the flashlights!  Dust off the candles!  Stock up on soup and bottled water!  There’s a hurricane coming!

    A what?  We don’t get hurricanes up here!  Well, Juan was a freak of nature.  But other than that, we get snow storms, not hurricanes.  When God was shuffling the deck of natural disaster cards, we drew the Snowstorm card.  Let those hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, earth quakes, raging wildfires, tsunamis, and murderous roving packs of dogs bother everyone else.  We got snow!  And frankly, as much as I hate shoveling the white stuff, I’ll take it over my house blowing away any day.

    So it came as a bit of a surprise to hear that Hurricane Bill was projected to pay us a visit this weekend.  It’s too early to tell whether he’ll kick at the door or simply throw a little extra wind and rain our way.  But one thing’s for certain.  Nothing brings people together like the feeling of impending doom!  That’s all the talk now.  And a quick trip to the grocery store today proved it.  I’ve never seen so many cans of soup in shopping carts.  It might also be because they’re on sale.  Nice timing, Sobeys!  How did you manage that one?  You even had fliers printed and everything!

    Ah well.  If Bill comes, I’ll be ready.

    And if he doesn’t, I’ll be serving chicken noodle soup to my guests for the next year.

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