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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Sandspit… Fun Fun Fun… and soaked!

Published July 31, 2009 - 0 Comments

Took the kids to PEI this week.  I figured that since it’s taken me nearly 40 years to get over there, I might as well ensure that they don’t have as long of a wait.  Everyone seemed to have a great time.

We stayed at a nice little motel, Abby Lane, which was conveniently located directly across from the Sandspit amusement park. It meant that didn’t have to deal with parking, although I don’t think that would have been a problem.  They appear to have sufficient space, especially considering we were there before they opened at 10am.

We were lucky enough to have a family pass to the rides, and good thing too, because the kids loved them!  I see that they didn’t inherit Daddy’s dislike of fast moving, high velocity spinning, incredibly high death-defying rides.  I never thought that they would ever like the ferris wheel, but they went on it several times.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to go on with them, or else it would have been a very short day! As is, our day was cut short by a torrential downpour that came virtually out of nowhere in the afternoon.  I don’t remember the last time that I’ve been caught out in rain like that.  What a great decision it was to walk to the park!  We were soaked to the skin.

I did manage to take some pictures and video.  I might get adventurous and try to figure out how to upload some video.

Boo! :o)

Published July 31, 2009 - 0 Comments

I used to get that greeting around this time…  7:01 am like clockwork.  Now… not so much…   I look at the old ones from time to time and they still put a smile on my face.  Ah well. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Vacation time is over!  Out of bed, ya lazy ass!!

Yup, that’s right.  Early to bed last night.  Early to rise.  Next thing I knew, I was walking on a treadmill wondering what the hell happened to me.  This doesn’t seem right!  Shouldn’t I be sleeping?  But no.. there I was.. left, right, left, right… listening to a podcast on WordPress of all things.  I try to vary my iPod listening.  I’ve got a lot of great music on there, music videos, podcasts.. even a movie…  Definitely Maybe.. yeah, yeah, I know….  I’m still a sucker for that one.  I’ll throw it on sometimes and watch little clips of it.  Even on the iPod Nano screen, it doesn’t look too bad.  I wouldn’t watch a movie on it if it was something that I REALLY wanted to see, especially for the first time.  But overall, it does a pretty decent job.

Oh, that’s right.  I never did update that previous post on my iPod woes.  It started to work again for some strange reason.  It must’ve heard me grumbling about throwing it in the garbage, and decided to come back to life.  Odd.

Tomorrow the gym doesn’t open until 8am, so I won’t be starting my day quite as early.

And I ate breakfast today… what on earth is this world coming to?

215lbs and dropping!

300 – Spartans Unite!

Published July 25, 2009 - 0 Comments

Ahh… 300…  I remember the movie well.  It was one of those visually stunning films that I wish I had seen on the big screen, rather than my tiny little TV.  I tried watching it again late last year, but didn’t get very far into it.  There was some laughter about the close resemblance of those hunky Spartans and my six-pack abs.  Then we decided that was enough of that!    :0)

I’m in the middle of packing up again to head back over to PEI.  I’ll be taking the kids this time.  It should be a fun experience for them, assuming the weather cooperates.  Nothing worse than going away for a few days and being stuck inside with a pair of restless kids who want to run through the puddles in search of mudfish.



Published July 24, 2009 - 3 Comments

Last night was one of those great nights that apparently comes along only once every 20 years… I got to spend a few hours with two of my oldest friends, and relive memories of a simpler time… long before marriages and mortgages, divorce and child support, promotions and stress leaves… We laughed at some of the things we’ve done, talked of people we haven’t mentioned in eons, and wished that one of us had’ve come up with a way to at least slow down time, if not have stopped it entirely.

Ah, the good ole days.

Many things have changed over the years, but I’m happy to say that one constant has remained true… friendship.

Thank you.

Let’s hope that another 20 years doesn’t pass before we do it again.

Welcome to the First Day of Vacation!

Published July 19, 2009 - 2 Comments

This afternoon I woke up and relaxed.  I’m on vacation!  It’s been awhile since I’ve been on vacation.  I opted to use most of my vacation time to squeeze in completing my business degree with a day here and a day there.  I didn’t even think that I would have any vacation time left, but I managed to save a week’s worth, and now… I’m going to enjoy it.  What am I going to do?  No idea.  I don’t have the money to pack up and go everywhere I want to, so that narrows my options a little.  Next year will be different.  Next year I will have even more vacation time, and if everything goes as planned, more money to allocate toward it.  But for now I’m quite content with sitting back and kicking my feet up.  I think that I’ll head over to PEI next week, and take the kids with me this time.  They’ll enjoy that.

Now if I could only convince Mother Nature to cooperate.  Enough with the rain already!

Greyhound Fundraiser: Tickets on a Brand New Laptop! $5 each or $12 for 3

Published July 17, 2009 - 0 Comments

As part of their ongoing fund raising efforts, MGAP (Maritime Greyhound Adoption Program) is selling tickets for a brand new ThinkPad laptop.  I told Mum that I would take a book of tickets and do what I could to sell some of them.  It looks like a decent laptop, so I’ll be picking up a couple of tickets myself.

As I’ve said before, I’ve seen first-hand the dogs that are saved by this group, and know it to be a very worthwhile cause.  This is a great way for them to raise money, and help find homes for even more retired Greyhounds.

The draw is being held August 16 in Moncton, as part of the Greyhound Picnic.  (rain date is August 23)  You don’t have to be present to win.  You do have to arrange to pick up the laptop, but I don’t think that would be much of a problem.  There is a note that if fewer than 175 tickets are sold by the draw date, that they will hold a 50/50 draw instead.  I’m hoping for a laptop!

If you’re interested in purchasing a ticket, don’t hesitate to send me a note.  Thanks!


1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor


160 GB Hard Drive

13.3 in LCD


802.11 a/g/n wireless

Modem / Ethernet Card

Fingerprint Reader

Windows Vista Business

When the Left Hand Doesn’t Talk to the Right Hand

Published July 17, 2009 - 0 Comments

Communication is vital.  Correction.. EFFECTIVE Communication is vital in every aspect of life.  Whether it’s your personal life, a relationship, or running a business… effective communication between all parties is essential to the overall success of whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve.  That’s why it’s so frustrating at times when there are blatantly obvious breakdowns in communication that lead to chaotic outcomes.  I’ve been guilty of this on more than a few occasions myself, so I don’t exempt myself.

Still doesn’t it make it an easy pill to swallow.

Everything’s Alright… at the Starlite…

Published July 16, 2009 - 1 Comment

Before we left for PEI, I said “I don’t want to eat anywhere that I could eat in NB.”  I’m getting so sick and tired of fastfood restaurants, and I didn’t want to waste my time and money over there on something that I could get here. 

As we were driving past Moncton the munchies started to hit.  I could have stopped before the Confederation Bridge, but I wanted to push through and get something on the other side.  I didn’t know what, but I knew that I wanted something from PEI. 

We stopped at the first place we came across. The Starlite Diner.  Maybe it was the giant icecream cones that caught my eye. 

Starlite Diner
Starlite Diner

Maybe it was the word “diner”.  By that time I was pretty hungry.  But whatever it was, we stopped and went in.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a place like this, with the 50s theme, and all the stuff that goes with it.  I laughed when I looked through the jukebox songs.  Ah, good times. 

I decided to try the fries with the works.  Apparently that means hamburger, onion and gravy smothered over the fries.  Oh, and a strawberry milkshake, which was excellent… and for almost $4, it should have been. I would have liked to have tried dessert, but I was pretty full and wanted to get going to our next destination.
I found a much better review of the Starlite Diner here, and borrowed their picture, as I forgot to take one myself.

Transformers 2 – Wow… Never Thought That I’d Like it so Little

Published July 15, 2009 - 3 Comments

I like to get to the drive-in at least once during the summer.  It’s become a bit of a ritual.  Sometimes I take the kids.  Sometimes not.  But I like to pack the car up with blankets, pillows, munchies and take a drive up to Sussex.

This past weekend, two movies that I was really excited about were showing.  Transformers 2 and Star Trek.  I’ve already seen Star Trek twice, but I still thought that it would be a good pairing with Transformers 2.

We got to Sussex early, and it’s a good thing.  I’ve never had to wait as long as I did to get in through the gate.  The drive-in is under new ownership this year, and I seriously think that they didn’t even open the gate until it was already well into the evening.  We sat in the car, and watched as nothing happened.  No one was moving.  The line-up was huge, and tempers were starting to get the best of people.  When we finally DID start to move, it was fascinating to watch people try to merge from two lanes into one.  The pre-show was some woman who got out of her car to yell at the driver behind her, and start banging on the other car’s door.  I was expecting a brawl, but the other driver stayed in the car.

When we finally did manage to get through the gate, the previews were already playing, and there was still a long string of cars behind me.  I’m sure that quite a few people missed the start of the first movie. That would have Transformers 2.  No loss there.

Wow.  I’ve never been so disappointed.  I liked the first one.  I really did.  I didn’t care for some of the stuff that the put in the first one, but over all, I still liked it.

Not this one!

Sure, the inclusion of SoundWave was great!  I wish that he had a bigger role, but hey, atleast he was in it this time.  So was Ravage.  Jetfire was nice to see, but a far cry from how I envisioned him.  I think the most disappointing was Devastator, who looked like some form of monster. And then there was the dog humping again. Even Megan Fox running in slow motion couldn’t make up for that.  I kept looking at the clock, waiting for it to end.  Please end.

I didn’t stick around long for Star Trek.  When I heard the soft sound of snoring in the passenger seat, I knew that I wasn’t about to sit through the movie for a third time.

I’d say that’s probably it for the drive-in for 2009.

Blogging on the Road… Stanley Bridge, PEI

Published July 13, 2009 - 0 Comments

I’m on the road for a couple of days, and I’ve decided to drag along my laptop in case I was inspired to write something from my journey.  Don’t worry.  I’m not plugged into it.  I’m actually enjoying myself very much, but I wanted the option of being able to quickly check in along the way.  From reading The 4 Hour Work Week, I’ve envisioned the kind of lifestyle that I’m aiming for, and I’m hoping to make these mini-vacations a regular part of my life.  This time I’m in picturesque Stanley Bridge, PEI.

I’ve never been to Prince Edward Island before.  It seems strange, considering I used to pretty much live in Kingston, Ont for half the year, and I’ve taken the 4 day bus ride to San Diego three times, that I’ve never visited the tiny province so close to home.  Maybe it was because of the ferry, but the bridge has been in place now for quite some time.  I’m not sure what kept me from visiting before now.

The first thing I noticed as I came to the end of the bridge…  The earth really IS red!  I don’t know what I was expecting.  I guess I thought that SOME of it might be red.  I wasn’t expecting to see ALL of it (well, as much as I have been able to see) that colour.  The next thing I noticed.  Farms.  Lots and lots of farms. I’m pretty sure that all they grow here are potatoes, and judging from the two large McCains and Cavendish Farms plants that I saw, french fries are a popular export.  I did chuckle at one sign located at a local produce  market.  “PEI Potatoes… ”   I mean, c’mon… we’re in PEI….  what other potatoes could you possibly sell here?  Do they import potatoes from other provinces, or the USA?  Would people even BUY other potatoes?  I dunno.  I just thought that it was a little humourous.

Tonight I ate at a cute little 50’s theme diner in Summerside.  Tomorrow I’m going to take a walk along the beach, and go explore a little more.  Unfortunately my mini-vacation is only 2 days, but it’s a well deserved break.

And maybe, if my Steve 2.0 plan works out as well as I hope it does.. someday..  this blogging on the road might become a regular occurance.

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