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2009 Word of the Year?

Published January 16, 2010 - 1 Comment

As I was driving home last week, I heard the DJ mention that “Twitter” was crowned the Word of the Year for 2009.  [“Google” took home the top award for Word of the Decade].  So as I prepared to write a short blog post about this, I turned to the Word of the Decade’s search engine and discovered just as many page one references to “Twitter” as there were to another supposedly-popular word.  And what word was that?


That’s a word that I don’t think that I have ever used in my life.  While neither of these words were even real words a couple of years ago, the popularity of social networking has given life to a whole new breed of language.  It would be difficult to argue that “Twitter” doesn’t deserve a mention for top words of 2009.  I’m not so sure about “unfriend” but I suspect that if you asked a younger generation of internet users (especially those with Facebook pages), “unfriend” probably doesn’t appear as out of place.

But for me, “Twitter” is definitely it.

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