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200 km/h? Really? My Car Can Go 200?

Published November 2, 2009 - 0 Comments

Actually, I think that it’s rated for 220km/hr, but that doesn’t work nearly as well for a title.  Really, how do they expect my car to go over 200km/hr?  It starts to shake at 130…  At 150, bolts fire through the engine block like mini rockets…  At 180 we all start to talk in slow motion like Star Trek I, when they went searching for V’ger…  I’m pretty sure that the very second that needle touches the 200 mark is the point where the entire vehicle bursts into a bright white flame and shoots across the sky…     as if!

I can still remember writing a post once upon a time called “Rome wasn’t built in 500 days”

My, how time flies…