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2 Is Better Than 1(00)

Published February 10, 2010 - 0 Comments

I don’t understand why that video doesn’t feature Taylor Swift in it, since she sings on the track.  Sure, they have a blonde girl in there, but doesn’t it makes sense that Taylor Swift is that girl?  I thought that maybe there was a second video, but there doesn’t appear to be one.  I’m guessing that maybe Boys Like Girls recorded it on their own, and then Taylor Swift lent her vocals to the track, but by that time it was already established with a video.  Ah well… no biggie..

I’ve never been much of a long distance runner.  I know that will come as a bit of a shock to anyone who knows me.  When I was in school, I liked the 100 meter dash because it was over quick.  I could sprint with the rest of them, and then sit down and enjoy the rest of the day.  (Although the 50 meter dash was even better!)

In the USA, they seem to place great importance in a new President’s first 100 days in office.  What can he accomplish within that short time period?  Can he maintain the momentum he carried throughout the election, and affect change?

Here, nothing ever seems to change.  But instead of the President, we measure the first 100 days of school.  They don’t count weekends, so it takes much longer to get through those 100 days.  I wonder if they count the weekends for the President?  I suspect so.

As happy as I am today… there’s still a sad reminder that 99 is not simply The Great One’s number…

Let the Countdown begin…