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Transformers 2 – Wow… Never Thought That I’d Like it so Little

Published July 15, 2009 - 3 Comments

I like to get to the drive-in at least once during the summer.  It’s become a bit of a ritual.  Sometimes I take the kids.  Sometimes not.  But I like to pack the car up with blankets, pillows, munchies and take a drive up to Sussex.

This past weekend, two movies that I was really excited about were showing.  Transformers 2 and Star Trek.  I’ve already seen Star Trek twice, but I still thought that it would be a good pairing with Transformers 2.

We got to Sussex early, and it’s a good thing.  I’ve never had to wait as long as I did to get in through the gate.  The drive-in is under new ownership this year, and I seriously think that they didn’t even open the gate until it was already well into the evening.  We sat in the car, and watched as nothing happened.  No one was moving.  The line-up was huge, and tempers were starting to get the best of people.  When we finally DID start to move, it was fascinating to watch people try to merge from two lanes into one.  The pre-show was some woman who got out of her car to yell at the driver behind her, and start banging on the other car’s door.  I was expecting a brawl, but the other driver stayed in the car.

When we finally did manage to get through the gate, the previews were already playing, and there was still a long string of cars behind me.  I’m sure that quite a few people missed the start of the first movie. That would have Transformers 2.  No loss there.

Wow.  I’ve never been so disappointed.  I liked the first one.  I really did.  I didn’t care for some of the stuff that the put in the first one, but over all, I still liked it.

Not this one!

Sure, the inclusion of SoundWave was great!  I wish that he had a bigger role, but hey, atleast he was in it this time.  So was Ravage.  Jetfire was nice to see, but a far cry from how I envisioned him.  I think the most disappointing was Devastator, who looked like some form of monster. And then there was the dog humping again. Even Megan Fox running in slow motion couldn’t make up for that.  I kept looking at the clock, waiting for it to end.  Please end.

I didn’t stick around long for Star Trek.  When I heard the soft sound of snoring in the passenger seat, I knew that I wasn’t about to sit through the movie for a third time.

I’d say that’s probably it for the drive-in for 2009.