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Today’s Over-Hyped Movie: The Avengers

Published June 5, 2012 - 12 Comments

Let’s just get this out of the way now… I am not a comic book guy.  I had a couple of comics when I was a kid, but it was never my thing.  So I don’t know all the ins and outs of every character.  I don’t know who their arch enemies are, or what they do for their day job.  That doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate a well-crafted story with spectacular visual effects, though.  Before seeing the first Iron Man movie, I had no idea what the hero was like, but I was quickly sold on the franchise.  Captain America was a little different for me.  I find him a rather dull, but understand why he must be included, since he was the first super hero.  The Thor movie seemed to me like it was put together simply to allow Thor and Loki to be included in the inevitable Avengers flick.  I think the casting of both characters is perfect, and enjoy their interaction on screen.. even if the movie itself was somewhat lacking for me.  I never did see either of the recent Hulk movies.  Big green guy with an unpleasant disposition?  Been there.

But having said all of that… I thought The Avengers was a good movie.


No.  Good.

For weeks all I’ve been seeing on Twitter has been how awesome The Avengers is, and how people couldn’t wait to see it again.  It smashed records left and right, becoming the first motion picture to reach revenues of $1B  in only 19 Days.  Not too shabby!  But why?  What is it about The Avengers that separates it from the rest of the pack?  Is the world full of closet comic book geeks?  Surely there are many, but $1B worth?  That seems unlikely.

I understand that my opinion will not be a popular one.  I’m aware of only one other person who has publicly defied the masses.  And neither of us tore the movie apart.  We simply stated that it was good.  Will I watch it again?  I’m sure that I will.  It won’t be any time soon, and it definitely won’t be in the theatre, but I’m sure that my kids will want to see it when it becomes available in a few months.  Maybe my opinion will evolve the second time around.

Until then, I still think that it was a good movie.

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