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Time to Stock up! Peanut Butter Prices Set to Soar in January

Published November 10, 2011 - 1 Comment

If you haven’t heard already, the price of peanut butter is about to soar.  Apparently this year’s peanut crop was dismal.  Because of that, the price of peanuts is up $750 a tonne.  Obviously more expensive peanuts means more expensive peanut butter.  In the USA the major producers of peanut butter have announced a 40% increase.  Here in Canada it’s a little less… 35% increase starting in January.  That was Kraft Canada’s announcement, but you can be sure that the others will follow their lead.  And really… who eats that other peanut butter anyway?


Peanut butter is a major staple in my household.  Curious to see if that changes because of this.


You can read the entire story on Canoe.ca.