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The Ultimate Suicide Note … an Entire Website

Published August 24, 2013 - 3 Comments

Too many times families are left asking “why?” after a loved one commits suicide.  Without a note of some sort, it’s almost impossible to answer that question.  While I’m certainly not advocating taking your own life, I do believe that people are entitled to a level of control over how they choose to exit this world.

In the past I’ve commented about using the timed posts feature to ensure that this blog was updated after I was gone.  I think that it would be neat to communicate with the readers from “beyond”.  If I knew that I was going to be gone, I’d load up this blog with posts that were timed to come out on different dates.  I’d remember to pre-pay the hosting plan for as long as possible.

So when I read “The sportswriter who blogged his suicide” on CNN, I thought that it was quite brilliant.  This guy took my idea to a whole new level.  He didn’t just leave a note or blog posts… he left an entire blog!  He secretly prepared a blog about his life and death, prepaid the hosting for 5 years, and on the day he killed himself, he published the site.  I have to wonder if he has any posts still timed to come out.

Of course after learning about the site, Yahoo took it down.  His family has asked them to honour his final wishes, but it doesn’t appear they will.  Thankfully the fine folks at Anonymous have created a mirror site at MartinManley.org.  Check it out.  It’s not graphic or anything like that.  It’s interesting.

I didn’t know you Martin, but I appreciate what you were trying to do.