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A Hi-Def Zune? Cool!

Published August 17, 2009 - 0 Comments

31lFJ2ZxI9L__SX425_If I keep dropping my iPod in the bathtub, it’s eventually going to stop working.. permanently.  When that happens, it’s time to get something else.  I’ve never really been thrilled with Microsoft’s Zune mp3 player, but this new one coming out in September seems pretty impressive!  Impressive enough to pull me away from Apple’s sweet embrace?  I don’t know.

The fact that it has a touch screen, built-in wi-fi and a web browser certainly make it interesting, but there’s something else that just may elevate it above the almighty iPod… HD output to HD-capable TVs.  Sweet.  Who would have thought that someone might want to hook their portable media player up to a TV to watch their content there?  Who indeed?  (Apple, stop being silly about this.)

With 16GB and 32GB versions hitting the shelves next month, I think that it might be time to update my Christmas list!