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Logitech Speaker System (Z523) Sucks

Published January 10, 2011 - 1 Comment
Logitech Speaker System (Z523)

It’s been YEARS since I’ve bought computer speakers.  I just kept taking my original pair with me from computer to computer, and then started using my laptop more, which didn’t need speakers.  Then I bought my iMac, which has a decent set of built-in speakers.

Decent… but I wanted something with loud.

When I went to Future Shop on the weekend, I was determined not to leave that store without a set of 2.1 speakers in my hands.  I told myself that I didn’t want to spend a ton of money… that I didn’t need to spend a ton of money.  I wasn’t looking for perfection.  I was looking for something better than built-in speakers.  In my mind, there shouldn’t be a set of external speakers built anywhere that should not surpass what comes built-in.

Boy, was I wrong.

The Z523 system from Logitech costs a little over $100 with tax.  That’s certainly not a top of the line speaker system, but it’s also not bottom of the barrel either.  Well…  that’s a great segway into my opinion of the Z523s…  while they are loud, they sound like they’re sitting in the bottom of a barrel!  The sound is very flat.  It’s not crisp and clear at all.  I tried adjusting the bass, but that didn’t make the sound any more clearer.

Very disappointing.

Logitech claims that these speakers offer 360 degree sound.  That wasn’t really a deal-breaker for me, but there’s no way that I was getting sound from all angles.  Had that been the only issue with them, I could over-look that.  But with the flat sound that comes out of those satellites… back into the box they’re going when I get home!

Very disappointing.