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It’s Official – June 15th is Busiest Day on WaS.com!

Published June 16, 2010 - 2 Comments

I didn’t want to say anything before it happened, because I didn’t want to artificially inflate the numbers, but yesterday now holds the record for the most hits on the blog… at 79!  The previous record was set back in Sept 09, and was 76.  That particular day was more of an anomaly than anything else, and I was never really able to attribute the traffic spike to anything other than a flurry of inbound links getting scanned.  Even today, I would not say that the 79 was pure human-driven hits, although the log is definitely full of those.

So what do I attribute to be the cause of the new high?  Well I’ve certainly given the blog address out to a few more people recently.  It appears that I’ve lost a few loyal readers over the past few months, but I’ve replaced them with some relatively new ones.  I don’t know if they will continue to read or not, but the number of people who are direct hits (meaning they type ‘whataboutstephen.com’ into their web browser) hasn’t really changed much.  I’ve lost some.. but I’ve picked up some others.

What HAS noticeably changed is the amount of traffic being delivered from search engines, and referral links.  I’ve start commenting more on other blogs, and that brings in a little bump.  Twitter continues to be an excellent source of traffic.  But the big jump is in search engine directed traffic.  As the blog continues to grow, presumably it climbs a tiny bit higher in search engine ranking for different terms.   Yesterday alone, there were 8 hits for The Unfriendly Giant.  Remember what I said earlier in the week about Unfriendly being popular in the searches?  There ya go.

While 79 hits is peanuts compared to any established blog, it IS encouraging to see that number… and I truly hope that another 9 months does not pass before I see another day like yesterday!

Thanks for reading!