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Thank You

Published August 22, 2011 - 0 Comments

Imagine how incredibly stoked I was yesterday when I logged into my Amazon Associates reports and saw that I had two referrals for Bossypants credited to my account!  That means not one, but two, readers enjoyed my recommendation of that audio book enough to click the link and purchase it for themselves!  It’s not really the money (which is pennies) but more the fact that someone trusted my opinion enough to part with their hard-earned money that gives me hope that maybe this blogging thing has a future.  So thank you to whoever that was!  🙂

As a double bonus, I checked my clickbank account and saw that I had a referral from my CureBrokenHeart site too!  That one probably surprised me even more, as it’s a $21 referral fee, and that site was really just a test.  I haven’t done much with it, and was more interested in the process than anything else.  I did learn some valuable lessons from that experience, so that’s ok.  To have sold even one product through that site is like icing on the cake!

And because things come in threes, I’ve noticed a nice increase in the daily clickthrough rate on the in-text links, particularly on my LadyAshburnham Pickles site.  The daily rate has jumped from $0.02 to $0.10 which is obviously a far cry from financially sustainable, but a big step in the right direction.

At this critical time it’s more about confidence than financial growth.  This past weekend was a good one.

A huge thank you to all my readers.  I couldn’t do any of this without you.



Just Finished Tina Fey’s Audio Book: Bossypants

Published July 28, 2011 - 3 Comments

I’ve always liked Tina Fey’s work, whether on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Report, or in movies like Date Night. Yet for some reason I don’t think that I’ve ever watched a single episode of 30 Rock, and I can’t really explain why. It’s just never been a thought in my head when I sat down to watch something.

Well that’s about to change.  I downloaded Tina’s audiobook Bossypants
and have been listening to it almost non-stop. Saying that it’s hilarious would be a bit of an understatement. She reads it herself (which I love!) and she’s not only very funny, but also extremely intelligent.  She opens up about the secretive scar on her face, talks about her time in Second City, SNL, and 30 Rock, and her challenges trying to balance her life as a mother, wife, and driving force behind a network tv show.  It’s all very good, and I’d highly recommend reading or listening to Bossypants.

I’m fairly new to the world of audiobooks.  I’ve listened to a couple of them in the past, but it’s not something that I’ve full embraced until recently.  I’m listening to more podcasts, and downloading more audiobooks because I find that I simply don’t make time for myself anymore to read like I used to.  I used to be an avid reader, but over the years I’ve gotten lazy.  The audiobook is a fantastic way for me to consume the content while doing something else… driving to work, sitting at my desk, going for a walk… it’s just so easy to listen to a couple of chapters.  Granted, I’m sure that the people who prefer reading something tangible are going to like Bossypants too!  If you decide to get it through Amazon.com, you can get either the hardcover or the audio version.  It doesn’t matter.  Tina is great either way.  🙂

Time to start watching some 30 Rock!

Who’s Cyndi Lauper?

Published May 24, 2010 - 2 Comments

Date Night... It's a Date!I went to see a movie recently. Date Night.  It’s not going to win any Academy awards, but it’s not a bad little movie if you’re looking for a night out… maybe even a date, perhaps!?

I was easily the most… ahem.. senior… person in the movie theatre that night.  I can say that because I think that there were no more than 10-12 people in there.. almost entirely teenagers, which I thought was strange because this is a movie that isn’t geared for teenagers.  That’s not to say that it’s not appropriate for them.  It’s a romantic comedy, and quite suitable for all ages.  But unless you’ve been married, or at the very least in a long term committed relationship, I’m not sure that you’re going to fully appreciate some of the humour that this film has to offer.

But this post isn’t really about the movie.  It’s about the comment that I heard during the movie.  There was a scene where Cyndi Lauper was referenced.  I don’t even remember how, or why, or anything about the scene.  It’s what happened in the seat directly behind me that sticks out.

“Who’s Cyndi Lauper?”

Yes… a group of three teenage boys sat directly behind me, and one of them said to his friends “Who’s Cyndi Lauper?”  I started to laugh even more.  Seriously?  Are you THAT young that you don’t know who Cyndi Lauper is?? Go… get out of this movie, and go watch The Last Song with Miley Cyrus, which is playing in the theatre beside this one.

The worst part is… I’m not sure if either of his buddies was able to give him the answer!  If they did, they were very quiet about it.  I’d put money on the fact that they probably just shrugged and tried to figure out why the old guy in front of them was laughing so hard at something that obviously went over their heads.

I’m getting old…


Oh.. and as a really freaky side-note, when I went to Miley Cyrus’ IMDB page to make sure that I got the proper link for The Last Song… look at what is listed as the first project in development…  Girls Just Want to Have Fun If you fail to see why that is ironic in this situation, well…