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What a Crock!

Published August 26, 2012 - 2 Comments

Everyone swears by their slow-cookers.  I’m probably one of the last people to own one, and even though I bought it months ago, yesterday was the first time that I’ve dared to try something in it.  In fairness to Jess, she made fantastic ribs in it a couple of weeks ago, but I was flying solo yesterday, and I learned two things:

  1. Crock-Pot is a brand name, similar to Kleenex and Q-tips.  What I’ve been calling a Crock-Pot for years has probably been a slow-cooker in many instances.
  2. 7 hours is too long for a roast… even on low.

Although it fell apart while I tried to remove the roast from the Crock-Pot, the meat thermometer still showed an internal temperature of 200F, which I was not expecting.  I should have taken it out sooner, but I had already dropped an hour from the original instructions.  I think next time I’ll set it for 6 hours, and test it then.

So how was it?  Still impressive!  It was certainly more tender than my oven roasts, although I would have liked it a little less done in the centre… but next time.  I didn’t throw any veggies in there, because I wasn’t sure how that would work with the gravy I wanted to make.  It’s all still a learning process.

One thing’s for certain, though… Lady Ashburnham pickles still go really well with a roast done in a Crock-pot!  I cooked a batch of Lady A’s Friday… my first batch of the year!  Then I watched my daughter put three large spoonfulls on her plate and spread them over everything.  She’s a bit of a pickle freak… like her Dad!  🙂

Now to find me some good slow-cooker recipes!