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Rick Mercer Visits Lakefield Elementary School

Published April 4, 2012 - 2 Comments

The moment we’ll all been waiting for… (well, me anyway) … after being fed inaccurate information last week (damn kids can’t get anything right!) and sitting in front of the TV…  only to watch a half hour on ice crash racing and other topics… none of which included the winners of the Spread the Net challenge…  the Rick Mercer Report that I’ve been holding my breath for (not literally) finally aired last night!

How’s that for a massive run-on sentence?

My kids were pretty excited to watch the episode!  You can spot my daughter pretty easily with her painted face.  I’m told that my son is also briefly visible, but I still have not been able to spot him.  I’ll have to get him to show me when he’s over here next.  They’re TV stars!

On a more serious note, those kids at Lakefield Elementary School raised a whopping $15000+ to buy anti-malaria nets for children in Africa who desperately need them.  That’s amazing!  They should be very proud of themselves!

This is a segment from the RMR episode.  It starts off with Rick visiting McGill University, and then Lakefield Elementary School.  Looks like so much fun!  I wish that I could have been there.