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Woe is Me…

Published March 16, 2011 - 1 Comment

I assume that most people have been watching the horrible news coming out of Japan since Friday.  As if a 9.0 earthquake wasn’t enough… as if a massive tsunami wave ripping through houses and tossing boats, cars, people, and those very same houses around like toys wasn’t enough… now the world is watching to see if the Japanese can somehow get the Fukushima power plant nuclear reactors cooled down before they cause a catastrophic disaster.  The Japanese people are not having an easy time of things right now.

So I put that in perspective with my bitching and moaning about my life… and it all seems rather silly and selfish.  Thousands of people are dead and missing.  Entire villages are gone.  People’s loved ones swept into the ocean.  A nuclear power plant running dangerously out of control.  And I’m bitching because things haven’t exactly gone my way?  Really… That’s called Life.  Suck it up.  You don’t even have to look halfway across the globe to find people who would give anything for a day in my shoes.  There are plenty of people around the corner who may not have to worry about nuclear fallout, but have worries that far surpass my own.  The last time I checked, I had a roof over my head.  Plenty of food in my belly.  People who care about me.  Yeah… my life is real tough.  I wasn’t born with the silver spoon in my mouth.  I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life.  I don’t have the life that I necessarily dream about at night… but things could be sooooo much worse.

It’s a shame that it takes a natural disaster resulting in unfathomable death and destruction to remind me of that.

Today I made my online donation to the Canadian Red Cross appeal to help those in need from this disaster.  It’s not much, but every little bit helps.