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Why Eve Adams’ Defection to Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party is Meaningless

Published February 11, 2015 - 2 Comments

MP Adams takes part in a news conference in OttawaWhen former Conservative MP Eve Adams announced her decision to cross the floor of the House of Commons and join Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party, some heralded it as a sign that there may be divisive cracks forming in the foundation of the Harper empire.  As much as I would love to believe that is the case, nothing about this move strikes me as anything more than a desperate grasp for continued relevance.  And though I consider myself a Liberal through and through, I have to question why Mr Trudeau would even consider taking on the likes of Ms Adams.  Here’s why it’s a dumb move:

It doesn’t change anything.  There are 308 seats in the House of Commons.  The Conservatives currently possess 162 of those seats, well beyond the 155 required for a majority government.  Swinging a single MP from one side of the House to the other is nothing more than a ripple in a big sea of Conservative Blue.  It’s symbolic at best.

It reeks of desperation.  After losing a bitter nomination vote, Eve Adams was informed that she would not be representing the Conservative Party in any riding.  She’s effectively out of a job after the fall election unless she can hitch her wagon to another party.  And who’s got a wagon handy?  Justin Trudeau.  Heading into his first election as leader of the Liberal Party, and desperate to live up to his father’s legacy.

She’s a loose cannon. There’s a reason that Eve Adams did not win the Conservative nomination for the riding of Oakville Burlington-North.  There’s a reason that the Conservative Party President informed her that she would not be welcome to run for the Conservatives in any riding.  Was it being caught on camera arguing with a gas station attendant about the quality of a $6 car wash after blocking the pumps with her vehicle?  Or was it the makeup and nail salon visits that she attempted to claim as part of her expense allowance?    Either way, the Conservative Party was smart in prohibiting her to run under their banner.

Nobody likes a turncoat.  Can you trust someone who switches teams?  Really, can you?

The bottom line is this.  This is not some high level Conservative insider defecting to the Liberals.  Eve Adams is about as outside of the inner circle as you can get.  Her departure certainly doesn’t hurt Stephen Harper, and may possibly do more harm to Justin Trudeau than good.  Does he really want to go into the next election surrounding himself with anything less than the most stellar candidates?  I hope not!  I personally like the NDP’s policy on MPs crossing the floor.  They are unwelcome.  Period.

Bring on the election.

4 More Years!

Published November 7, 2012 - 1 Comment

Barack Obama won a second term last night… and it seemed that the world breathed a collective sigh.  I know that I certainly did.   But I don’t want to talk about that.  I want to talk about a different number.


That is the number of votes that Mitt Romney received, compared to 59,567,135 for Barack Obama.


Think about it.. that’s almost 57 million individual votes.  Each one of those represents an American voter who felt that Mitt Romney was the better choice to lead their country.  57 MILLION!

Now I completely understand that there is always going to be a certain demographic that will vote Republican (or Democrat) regardless of the issues.  They are what they are, and you’re not going to budge them from their stance.

But 57 million?

56,944,102 people put a x beside the man’s name who flip flopped on several major issues, depending on who was asking the question, and at when it was being asked.  The same man who was recorded saying that 47% of Americans feel they are victims and dependant on government.  The same man who referred to having a binder full of women.  Friends who own NASCAR teams.  Not being concerned with the very poor, because there were programs in place for them.  And remember the “You didn’t build that” farce?  Nearly 57 million American voters thought that man was the best choice for them?  Really?!

I don’t pretend that Barack Obama is perfect, but it sure seems to me that when you put these two men side by side and compare them honestly… there really IS no comparison.  Yet only 2.5 million votes separate them?


The World’s Next Great Super Power, Eh?

Published March 10, 2012 - 2 Comments

I noticed this on CNN.com the other day, and knew that I had to write something about it as soon as I watched it.  I had already heard the news that Iceland was considering adopting the Canadian Dollar as their official currency, but thought it pretty far fetched.  I still do, but after watching this little blurb did… well… maybe it does make some sense after all.  And with Stephen Harper at the helm, who knows what kind of world domination the man has his sights set on.

So look out, World…  Here we come!

Farewell, Jack…

Published August 26, 2011 - 2 Comments

No doubt about it, Jack loved Canada

As I drove to get my groceries today, I passed by several buildings that all had their flags at half-mast.  It made me think that I should probably sit down and write a short post, reflecting on the passing of our Leader of the Official Opposition, and leader of the federal New Democratic Party, Jack Layton.

I’m not going to go on and on about this.  So much has been said already.  Some good.  Some not.  Yes, it’s unusual for someone who was NOT a past Prime Minister, or Governor General to receive a state funeral.  Some people think that Prime Minister Stephen Harper should have stuck with protocol.  I hope those people receive a big fat lump of coal in their stockings this year.

Regardless of your political stripe in this country, it is difficult to deny that Jack Layton embodied something that each and every one of us could learn from.  The man was not perfect.  None of us are.  But I have to wonder… if one of our other “leaders” dropped dead tomorrow, would a nation care?  Would *I* care?  Life and Death are part of the natural course of things, but something about Jack’s death seems to have struck a chord with a great many Canadians.

I read this on Twitter, and I think that it says it better than I can…

Jack Layton, the best Prime Minister we never had…

Farewell, Jack…