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You Have Poster Feet…

Published August 31, 2011 - 1 Comment

You have poster feet… and not in a good way!”

That’s what the foot doctor (let’s call him a podiatrist, or pod person) told me the other morning after asking me to stand so he could get a better look at what I was in there for.

I’d never even heard the term flat feet until I was 17, and the doctor doing my physical to join the Reserves asked me if I had any problems standing.  Nope. Why?  You mean not everyone’s feet look like this?  Apparently not.  Hmm.. who knew?

Fast forward 20+ years and the answer to that question has changed.  My feet support a hell of a lot more weight now, than they did when I was 17.  They’ve pounded far more pavement than they ever did in those first 17 years.  Essentially, my body is getting old, and my feet are no exception.

Apparently my ever-growing body weight is not being evenly distributed on my feet.  They roll inward, so the inside ankle and tendon are stressed.  How do we fix that, you ask?  Custom othotics!  $385 worth of little plastic insoles to wear inside my shoes, which will force my feet into proper alignment and allow me to run marathons like the bionic man.  OK.. maybe not… but they should ease the pain and discomfort that I’m starting to feel on a daily basis.  Then again, with a price tag of nearly $400, that pain and discomfort is probably going to shift from my feet to my wallet.

I’ll let you know what happens when they arrive in 2 weeks.