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Anyone Using Google Chrome?

Published August 22, 2009 - 2 Comments

I know that at least one person who looks at the blog is using Google’s browser, Chrome.  It shows up in the stats, alongside Apple’s Safari.  I’m not an Apple guy (personal music, aside) so I will probably never use the Safari browser, but I might switch over to Chrome if there is enough of a reason to.

I’ve been using Firefox since before it was even called Firefox (remember Firebird? Neither did I.  I had to look it up because I knew that I was using the browser years ago,and it had undergone a name change.  Firebird). At the time, Microsoft Internet Explorer was horrible.  Now it’s less horrible, but I’ll never switch back.  They dropped the ball on that one.  I even used the Opera browser for a bit.  It’s not bad either, and I think that much of Firefox’s feature set was originally in Opera first.  Firefox just did a better job of getting it out to the masses.

So is there a need for a new browser?  I honestly don’t know.  It’s supposed to be faster than Firefox.  I’ve installed the latest version of Chrome and am happy with it.  It might be faster.  I’ve never run any tests on it.  But it feels like it’s lacking something for me.  Visually, I mean.  It just feels bare.  But that’s how Google likes things.

I think that I’ll test drive it a little longer before I really say much more about it, but I was just curious about whether anyone had anything to say about Chrome.

Might make a great new poll   🙂