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Loser Like Me (Glee Goes Original)

Published March 22, 2011 - 18 Comments

I’m a Gleek.  That’s not news.  Some of my friends will roll their eyes and stop reading right here.  The rest might read a little longer… a tiny few might even read to the very bottom and even click on the videos.  Chances are, those people have already seen them in last week’s episode titled “Original Song”.

So, despite that fact that I’m now a self-described Gleek, I’ve always taken issue with the cover songs they sing being included in music charts, especially when they broke the records previously held by The Beatles…  I think that many of their versions of popular songs are at least equal (if not superior) to the originals… but I don’t believe that it’s right that they can release a half dozen songs every episode that shoot up the charts and knock out legitimate artists from their positions.  Well, last week Glee took a huge step forward toward credibility by debuting two new original songs.

I’m not surprised that they chose to play it safe and go primarily with their brightest star, Lea Michele.  I’m convinced that girl can sing anything you throw at her, and I will happily buy it.  She’s oozing with legitimate talent (not a pretty image, I know) and has a huge future ahead of her.  So having her take the lead in their first venture into original material was really no-brainer.  But it worked!  The songs are good.  The singing is great.  The two of them combine for an emotional roller coaster, which obviously appeals to moi.  Get it Right tears you down a little… pulls back the outer layers… exposes parts of you that you might want to hide…  everyone’s been there…    and Loser Like Me is incredibly catchy and builds you back up.. ending on a high note…   Kudos… Both these songs are proud new entries in my iTunes library. I really wish that they sold videos of the Glee songs, though. I’d love to have these (and a few of the others) in great quality.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of Glee, I encourage you to take a listen to the songs and maybe even leave a comment… honest feedback is always welcome!