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(With or) Without You

Published July 18, 2010 - 0 Comments

This morning I woke up in my own bed, and got ready to come into work.  Until recently, that actually was not the plan for today.  No, today was supposed to be the day that I woke up in a hotel room in Montreal, tired from a night of watching Bono and the rest of U2.  Tired, but happy.  U2 is the last of my “must see” concerts, and I was very much looking forward to it… and very disappointed a couple of months ago when they announced that the concert would be postponed until next year because Bono had hurt his back.  I haven’t given much thought about next year.  I’d still like to go, but things are different now than they were when I first booked.

So… here I am, at work…   Maybe I’ll listen to some U2…