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The Latest Addition to the Endangered Words List: Thank You

Published November 27, 2011 - 1 Comment

I’m a firm believe in what I call “The Little Things”, and one of those includes politeness… in particular thanking someone who may have done some little (or not so little) thing on your behalf.

It really amazes me how difficult it is for some people to say those two little words.  “Thank you”.  If that’s too much, even a simple “Thanks” will suffice in most situations, but I still prefer a “Thank you”.  Regardless of your preference, it’s mind boggling how difficult it can be for some people to verbally express any sentiment of gratitude.  Do they not realize how easy it is to say “Thank you”?  Do they not realize how it can come off when they don’t?  Obviously you don’t want to overdo it.  But there are some pretty blatant times when a “Thank you” might be appropriate.

I strive to hammer into my children the importance of being polite and respectful of others.  I continually correct them, but they’re children… that’s part of their job.  And part of my job as a parent is to make sure that I do my best to give them the tools they need… so they don’t get thumped in the playground!  And “Thank you” is part of those tools.

Sadly though, it seems far too often that it’s not my children, but adults, who forget the important of basic manners.  It’s certainly not everyone.  Far from it.  But recently I’ve been left standing there on more than one occasion where I’ve been surprised by the lack of a simple “Thank you”.  It’s that awkward (for me) silence where I feel like I’m supposed to be prompt them with  “And what do you say??   If you know what you’re supposed to say, then I shouldn’t have to remind you… now go clean your room before your mother gets home.”