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Total Annihilation: Passing the Torch

Published April 20, 2015 - 1 Comment

Incredible amount of units

Back in 1997 there was a little company called Cavedog Entertainment who released a RTS game that blew all other RTS games away.  It was called Total Annihilation, and went on to become 1997’s Game of the Year.  The graphics were excellent but it was the game play that set it above all others.


Fast forward to 2015, and Total Annihilation is still as much fun today as it was almost 20 years ago.  Thanks to GOG games, Total Annihilation has been ported to Mac, and is playable under WINE.  And it’s cheap too!  I bought the entire Commander’s Pack for $5, which is awesome.  It can be a little glitchy sometimes, but that’s the price you pay to be able to relive some of your best memories.  When I get in a mood that I just want to blow shit up, I sit down and load T.A.

Yesterday I loaded the game onto my Macbook Air and set up a multi-player game between my Macs.  It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve played Total Annihilation against anyone other than a computer player.  It worked perfectly!  They connected and I was able to create a new game.  Why?  Because my son has been watching me play this game for years, and despite its now-dated graphics, he’s been itching to try and figure it out.  So we had our first Father-Son Total Annihilation Smackdown yesterday!  The kid’s got 18 years of catching up to do before he’s going to beat his old man, but I give him credit… he’s willing to get crushed 🙂

We have another session scheduled for Wednesday, which is great because it’s not even my week to have the kids, but he wants to come over and spend some time with me.  Now if I could just get his sister interested too!  Where’s the My Little Pony mod?

The Latest Addition to My Apple Family: MacBook Air 11″ of Pure Heaven

Published October 13, 2011 - 2 Comments

It’s no secret that I’ve slowly been replacing every piece of computer hardware I have with alternatives bearing the Apple logo.  It’s not that I’ve drunk the Cool-Aid so to speak… it’s just that they make damn fine products!  I still use Windows at work.  I still do my fair share of supporting Windows on machines that my kids own, and the occasional problem that a friend might run into.  And maybe some day I will buy another Windows machine… but not any time soon!

The Macbook Air is a thing of beauty!  (Like I’ve never said that about an Apple product before!)  Just look at the picture of it… I got the 11″ model, which is plenty powerful enough for what I want it for… and it weighs only 2.38 pounds!  It barely feels like anything.  And somehow, even though it’s so compact, it still sports a full keyboard!  That was the main selling point for me.  I have tried typing on netbooks, and it’s extremely painful.  I bought Acer netbooks for the kids 2 Christmases ago, and I hate working on them.  The keys are too close together, and there are too many keys that double, triple, or quadruple for different characters.  For some reason, even though I bought identical netbooks for the kids, I have to use a completely different key combination to make the ” @ ” on my son’s… and it usually takes me several minutes to figure out what it is!  My point is.. there’s none of that foolishness on the Macbook Air.  It’s beautiful.

My only problem is trying to connect to the wireless network at work.  For some reason I can not connect.  It gives a timeout error.  Thankfully it has no problems connecting at home.  But at work… it’s frustrating me.  I’ve done a bit of reading on the topic, and apparently I’m not the only one with this issue.  That’s encouraging, but most people say to log into the router and make changes there.  That’s not an option for me at work.  I don’t want to be playing with those settings.  I simply want to piggyback off the wireless for the nights when things are quiet.  I’ll continue to work at it.  I don’t really consider that a fault of the Air’s… and I could probably get the two of them talking if I was able to log into the router and look at the settings there.  Ah well…

But so far, so good!