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Infolinks Results

Published November 7, 2011 - 2 Comments

No doubt you’ve seen the little popups that appear when you hover your mouse pointer over those underlined words.  These are Infolinks advertisements.  You’ve all seen them.  Some of you have even clicked on them.  Don’t try to deny it, I know you have.  I have metrics to prove it!  Although I have no idea who… so your dirty little secret is safe.

But in case you’re wondering whether these annoying little unsightly links are actually useful, or just a pain in your ass… I’ve decided to do a little post on some of the numbers.  Below you can see a report that I ran for the current week.  I have to state that these numbers are for my entire Infolinks account, which includes 4 blogs.  Although most of the impressions come from this blog, surprisingly most of the clicks happen on other blogs.  My feeling is that people who come to WaS want to read whatever is going on in my life.  They’re friends, family, and stalkers.  Most of the traffic is driven from direct hits, and not search engines.  Therefore you really have no interest in clicking a product or service link… unlike someone who lands on a pickle blog and sees ads for pickling, and home cooking products.  As for my Unfriendly Giant blog.. I have no idea what those people are clicking on.. but I appreciate it all the same!

Impressions [?]
Clicks Page
CTR [?]
eCPM [?]
 Sunday, October 30, 2011 128 6 4.69% $1.48 $0.19
 Monday, October 31, 2011 158 6 3.8% $1.27 $0.2
 Tuesday, November 1, 2011 119 3 2.52% $0.42 $0.05
 Wednesday, November 2, 2011 94 2 2.13% $0.74 $0.07
 Thursday, November 3, 2011 76 5 6.58% $2.63 $0.2
 Friday, November 4, 2011 54 3 5.56% $3.52 $0.19
Total 629 25 $0.9
Daily Average 104 4 4.21% $1.68 $0.15

I don’t really want to get into explaining what all the numbers mean but I will point out the one of obvious interest:  Earnings.  My daily average earnings for the week is $0.15.  Obviously I’m not going to pay for my Lexus with revenue from Infolinks (yet) but this is substantially higher than the first month of July which averaged $0.02 per day.  In fact, the daily average rose every month (with the exception of October, which dipped slightly)  since I integrated Infolinks into the blogs.

  • August $0.06
  • September $0.16
  • October $0.12

I can not explain October’s dip, especially considering the huge bump in traffic that the Madonna posts attracted.  Apparently Madonna fans don’t click ads!  But that’s ok.  I realize that as more posts are added to all the blogs, more natural traffic will come in, and those numbers will continue to rise.  And they’re really only a small part of the overall strategy, but it’s the one that I can easily share with you.

Until my ebook hits the virtual shelves  🙂

Blog Monetization Strategies

Published August 8, 2011 - 1 Comment

I’ve recently stepped up my efforts to earn a little money from my online efforts.  You’ve probably noticed some changes on this blog, as well as a couple of the others that I’m working on.  Things are going well…  At this rate, I’ve calculated my retirement year to be 2158.  No, that’s not a typo.  So let’s take a closer look at what’s working… and what isn’t.

  • Amazon Associates Amazon is infamous for having a very low pay-out for affiliate referrals.  4% (6% if you’re a high-end affiliate) is pretty low, but what makes Amazon a profitable venture for many people is their built-in up-sell program.  If you’ve ever been on Amazon.com you’re probably familiar with their “Other buyer were also interested in this…”  and they list a few things that are somehow related to what you’re looking for on Amazon’s website.  The beauty of their affiliate program is that you get credit for any sales that someone follows your link from.  So if you review a book and place an affiliate link at the bottom, the person who clicks on that link and then decides to buy something else while they’re in there will also add to your affiliate sale.  Good news!  So I decided to try it out and make sure that it worked.  I bought a Starfrit MightiCanand had it shipped to one of my readers as a surprise.  I’ve been watching to see how long it took the referral fee to show up.  And I’m still waiting.  So I did a little digging, and discovered this statement, which explains why I haven’t received anything.  Hmm… understandable, but I still wish that I could have seen the process in action.

    What is Amazon’s policy for Associates placing orders for themselves?

    You may not purchase products during sessions initiated through your own Associates links and will not receive referral fees for such orders. This includes orders for customers, orders on behalf of customers, and orders for products to be used by you, your friends, your relatives, or your associates in any manner

  • Infolinks I implemented Infolinks in-text advertising on all my blogs, and of everything that generates money, this is the one that seems to be working the best.  Every day I log into my status page and check the reports.  Some days I show no clicks.  Some days I show a couple.  I’m currently averaging $0.02/day and that’s across all blogs.  Now you see why the retirement date is pushed out a little bit.  But that’s fine.  These things take time, and the more content that is delivered, the bigger and more well-known the blogs get, the more people who start to come to them… it will get better.  What is encouraging to see if that the clicks actually come from an even spread across the different blogs, so it appears to be natural traffic, rather than someone just clicking on one site.  You would think that a blog like this one would have more readers and more people clicking, simply because it’s been around longer, but it fares no better or worse than The Unfriendly Giant or Lady Ashburnham Pickles.  
  • Chitika Then we come to the Chitika ads.  These are the little ones with some sort of picture.  I decided to implement these more strategically… you only see one at a time, so they’re not peppering the site.  I also placed them only in posts, and sort of integrated a little more than just a side bar or banner.  As of now, I’m still showing NOTHING in my reports, even though I asked someone to perform a test click for me a couple of days ago.  Chitika says that it will take 3 days for your first click to show up if you are a new advertiser, and then it should be daily after that… but I still am not registering a single click.  I don’t want to click them myself because they’re pretty good at detecting those sorts of things, and I’m pretty sure that’s what Google thought I was doing when they banned me from AdSense.  Thanks Google….  bite me. Anyway, if someone wants to click a Chitika add and let me know how it works on your end, I’d be curious.
That’s pretty much it.  I’m not quite ready to quit my day job… yet..  🙂
PS:  I want my can opener back!